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Yet another sketch dump... by jasjuliet Yet another sketch dump... :iconjasjuliet:jasjuliet 195 12 JESSE AND KIX! by jasjuliet JESSE AND KIX! :iconjasjuliet:jasjuliet 99 9 The last moments by El-Niphrendil The last moments :iconel-niphrendil:El-Niphrendil 149 92 You were bad, captain... very bad... by El-Niphrendil You were bad, captain... very bad... :iconel-niphrendil:El-Niphrendil 122 32 Changing tides by El-Niphrendil Changing tides :iconel-niphrendil:El-Niphrendil 113 28 501th on leave by El-Niphrendil 501th on leave :iconel-niphrendil:El-Niphrendil 168 60 Jealous by MeowTownPolice Jealous :iconmeowtownpolice:MeowTownPolice 82 13 Undercover Boss by Our-Celestial-Death Undercover Boss :iconour-celestial-death:Our-Celestial-Death 204 38 The Generals Gift by Morloth88 The Generals Gift :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 293 105 Darth Maul by razool91 Darth Maul :iconrazool91:razool91 68 29
Brothers Three
“For the last time,” Darth Maul growled, each word piercing through his clenched teeth, “I do not know what she is making. I do know that it smells nothing like that of the pasta we ate last night or anything of the sort.”
“Then why don’t we go into the kitchen to ask her?” Feral, the yellow-orange skinned Zabrak asked while his much larger twin brother, Savage flinched under the red one’s glare.
“Because,” Maul turned his face to him, “she said not to go in there. Do you not remember why we are banned from the kitchen?”
“For your arrogance, brother,” Savage said quietly under his breath.
“I,” Maul defended himself, “was merely doing as I was told. You, Savage, were the one who switched on the hand-held mixing device to its fullest velocity! Never have I been so humiliated.”
Feral hung his head low in remembrance, “Never have we seen her so mad.”
“We cleaned tha
:iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 46 5
Darth Maul x Reader: Essay
It was yet again one of those most stressing and timely episodes where you had to focus solely on typing up a longwinded paper for, thankfully, only one of your classes; the typical twelve point font kind of deal. It was not that you minded writing, not at all, but for educational purposes and being at least twenty to thirty percent of your grade, then yeah, it was not exactly the cherry on top. With all due respect, your professor even had the essay clearly labeled on the class syllabus when the due date was, the only downside, you could not get the proper information until the week before [museum visit as a field trip in an artist’s case]. Now it was crunch time; you had the information, you had your notes, it was go time. If only your roommate was not looming over your shoulder whenever you finally got on a roll.
“Are you finished yet?” Maul sighed, leaning over the back of the couch behind you, using a single finger to flick and twirl at a loose strand of your hai
:iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 40 2
Love Your Plushies (Finn)
The day had finally come. The exact daylight hour you could rewatch Star Wars: The Force Awakens without any interruptions and watch it whenever you wanted with full volume control! Plus being able to press pause and rewind is always an added bonus.
You doted each day to these movies and their characters, whether you realized it or not, and couldn’t help yourself but to have added favorites to your heart’s ever growing love. One of whom being FN-2187. Also affectionately known as Finn the First Order traitor, newest Resistance recruit, and ex-sanitation trooper.
Back when it was only the trailers, you were determined to get the toy of the character who held Skywalker’s lightsaber because the thought of a Stormtrooper with a weapon of a Jedi was crazy to say the least.
Now, after watching the movie and many Star Wars reader-inserts later, you found yourself even more preoccupied with the characters in your mind than usual.
No complaints.
You chewed on you
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 24 7
Love Your Plushies (Luke Skywalker)
Setting your shoes by the front door, you were set and prepared to go to work; only it wasn’t time for you to leave yet and you were still playing music throughout your house. If only your job included dressing up like a Jedi and feeling awesome all day just with that. It’d be a sweet deal, however you were outfitted with your specific uniform that didn’t allow for any embellished changes of any kind.
As the slightly rebellious person that you were, the Star Wars fandom practically running through your blood, you had hid a Millennium Falcon necklace under the collar of your shirt so as no one could see and you’d have an extra bit of awesomeness when you went through your shift later.
Having some time to spare before you had to leave the house, you decided it’d be a smart idea to check the weather. Yoda forbid you didn’t bring an umbrella and the clouds decided to monsoon on a relatively beautiful day.
As it turned out, Mother Nature had
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 35 10
Love Your Plushies (DarkSide!Anakin Skywalker)
Staying at a hotel had its ups and downs that were debatable every waking hour. One down side being the reason for your stay was work related, but at least tomorrow morning you would be heading back home. No more worries about traveling for a meeting or finding a parking space near an unfamiliar building. There was just one thing keeping you antsy again once you had returned to your hotel room--some noisy people in the next room over.
What you wouldn’t do for some peace and quiet for at least an hour.
You continued clicking the remote control, mindlessly flipping through the television channels to find something entertaining for awhile or would lull you to sleep.
A heavy yawn drove your attention away from the flickering screen even as you started rubbing your teary eyes from your lack of sleep the night before. Therefore completely missing the transformation and entrance of a tall, strong, skilled, strategic, and handsome man into your life from inside of your small luggage.
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 29 6
(After Hours) General Hux x Reader
It was another day. Another long shift that was technically average. Nothing was drastically new and you longed to settle in for the night after eating your fill of First Order dinner. Not only because you were worn out from your day, but because you knew what awaited you back in your adoptive quarters--a long hot shower and a warm sleeping companion.
General Armitage Hux was a well accomplished man and respected in the First Order. It was a long way from when he had known you since graduating from the Academy and you being placed amongst the ranks underneath the General. There was no personal competition, no hidden agendas, no grudges, no rude words, no ill feelings, nor a sneer of a side glance between either of you. You held that man in the highest regards even then.
You on the other hand, had a calm nature for some one raising through the ranks, but you were able to give orders and take the lead when called for. All of which were quickly noticed by Hux when either of you worked tog
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He was tired, sitting on his sofa in his quarters sipping Corellian whiskey.

"Oh no, not again." He growled and put the glass on the small table. With blink of the eye he was standing in the dimly light room, no furniture and doors standing in the middle of the room with no exit and there was she. She who save his life after successful assassination where he died. She manage to transfer his consciousness to her mind. he always knew it is rather smart to have alien with this power as one of his guards.

"You came." She said with small sad smile on her face.

"well you didn´t give me much of the choice and just pull me here in the middle of your, wait now main brain." Hux growled.

"Well that is true and I wouldn´t do that if I had other choice." There was that sad smile again, Hux wonder what is this all about. She usually didn´t bring him here unless she wanted to give him advice or  scroll him for his mistakes so he wonder what it will be this time, he was pretty sure that everything in first order was going smoothly. There wasn´t any damage to his ship from Supreme leader Ren in weeks, rebels were almost destroyed, everything on his ship was running smoothly so what the hell does she want and why is she bothering his quiet evening.

"I´m leaving." She said. He raised an eyebrow, what game is she playing? His mind now occupy her body and she is trapped in this brain with him and have no means of control over her former body.

"I, I mean my mind will die, you will be here alone. I know that is what you wished from the beginning. There is no reason to stay and bother you. I´m going to erased my mind." She pointed to the door in the middle of the room.

"I just come through that door and you will have another victory on your account. Than you can do what you want. There is a bright future in front of you Emperor Hux." His eyes widen at using the title he always wanted and he was sure that right after he dispose of Ren he will become the Emperor. She gave him soft smile and started walking to the door.

"Wait" was only word he was able to get out. "I don´t want you to go."

"If I don´t go now my mind will start to fall apart, I will go insane and you probably too, this is the only way." There was a single tear on her cheek.

"I love you." He manage to choke out.

"We share one brain, one body. I knew that from the beginning Armitge."

"Why didn´t you said something". This was beginning to be too much even for Hux as his eyes begin to water.

"Because I knew how it will end, that it will end you watching me go trough that door. And as I know you you would spend all your time trying to find a way to save me even when there is none. It was easier to let you pretend that you hate me." He was struggling to keep the tears from falling.

"In the next life, find me. Maybe we will be more lucky that in this life." She said as she open the door.

"Until next time Emperor Hux." And with that she was gone. Hux was standing there, dumbfounded letting his tears on his face.

"Until next time." He wisped and with that he was back in his quarters, in her body but without her, alone for the first time since his death, alone and broken-hearted.


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