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~ BBIEAL OC: Amara ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ BBIEAL OC: Amara ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 16 4 ~ OC/UT FA: The comic's characters(Not mine!!) ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ OC/UT FA: The comic's characters(Not mine!!) ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 16 0 ~ OC: The sweet little Ivy(on mobigo) ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ OC: The sweet little Ivy(on mobigo) ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 14 6 ~ Commission: Huggies! ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Commission: Huggies! ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 29 16 ~ UT ship: Ivy x Ink ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ UT ship: Ivy x Ink ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 22 26 ~ BBIEAL OC: Amara ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ BBIEAL OC: Amara ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 29 24 ~ S/G: Playing ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ S/G: Playing ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 10 4 ~ S/G: Two sisters of a same kind ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ S/G: Two sisters of a same kind ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 13 12 ~ Art trade: An adorable little kitty 2/2 ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Art trade: An adorable little kitty 2/2 ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 13 6 ~ Art Trade: A skeleton sly as a fox 2/2 ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Art Trade: A skeleton sly as a fox 2/2 ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 15 6 ~ Commission: An adorable cup/octopus girl 1/2~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Commission: An adorable cup/octopus girl 1/2~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 17 6 ~ Gift: An adorable kitty on a balloon ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Gift: An adorable kitty on a balloon ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 15 2 ~ OK KO Fanart: Fighting ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ OK KO Fanart: Fighting ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 13 0 ~ Ok KO OC: Edgy Fluree ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Ok KO OC: Edgy Fluree ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 13 3 ~ Ok KO OC: Flowairy, Fluree's mom ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Ok KO OC: Flowairy, Fluree's mom ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 12 0 ~ Ok KO: Fluree doodles ~ by Wendy-Demon ~ Ok KO: Fluree doodles ~ :iconwendy-demon:Wendy-Demon 15 8


Wendy-Demon's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Welcome to my page!~

:iconwendy-demon: :iconwea-fome:
You're a person with a charming spirit that deserve love and kindness :heart: ! I understand that you feel sometimes bad but remember that I'll always try to cheer you up even if you repeat your vents post <3. It's totally fine if I cheer you up but you get sad later, I won't be and I'll never be upset. I'm not like the others, who cheer you up and you get sad later and created another vent post and they get enough, no! I have a heart, and I thank God for it. Welp, I'll always be on your side, no matter what <3

Hi! My name's Aya and I'm moroccan. I'm just a digital and traditional artist who likes showing her arts and make gifts and commission(and also AT) for her lovely buddies! <3
Don't be shy to talk to me or to ask me something, I'm a friendly and nice person ;3!…

I'm a fan of:
- Robotboy
- Gravity Falls
- Undertale
- Cuphead
- Sonic
- Inazuma eleven / go / chrono stone / galaxy

My best friends <3!
:iconwea-fome: :iconadzuki-the-ribombee: :iconxgglitch: :iconamanddica: :iconazur750: :iconatsum3: :iconitzannadraws03: :iconizskat: :iconfairyaurora: :iconbfulmore: :iconthebig-chillqueen: :iconkatmaz:
(Don't be sad if you aren't here, we're still best buddies <3!)

(Please don't click on those links, I put it here for some reasons.)…
(The Robotika's stamp is by the wonderfully adorable :iconamanddica:


For people who wanted to make an art trade or commission me..

I'm so sorry for making you wait so long..I have to revise my lessons cuz I have 2 exams on the same day..
Sorry ;-;
Hello, lovely buddies <3 How are y'all?~

Can someone help me please qwq? When Ink blinks, his eyes change, right? So..Can you tell me the marks and their meaning please qwq?

Thank you so much I love you :heart: !
Got tagged by :iconlimey-pups: the 3rd time, boi! THE 3RD TIME! XDD

Ok welp..She wanted Amara, so here we go!~

8 facts about Amara:
- She's not like the others; she helps the player.
- When she gets angry, sad or surprised, her eyes turns black.
- She's kind-hearted, and when you meet her, she asks you: "Hello! What can I do for you?"
- When she helped you and you got what you want, she says: "It was a pleasure to help you. I have to do something now, have a great day!". And she left.
- Sometimes, she can even distract people who disturb the player, helping him. An example: She distract her sister Blindy from the player to not blind him. When Baldi follows the player, she told him to follow her to get saved from Baldi, but her idea fails sometimes.
- She's afraid of Baldi because of his attitude, even if he looks friendly, in her opinion he's scary and evil.
- She got a sister named Blindy, and two friends named Playtime and the player.
- In the game, she doesn't look scary, but funny and cute.

Too lazy to tag..*sigh*
Got tagged again by :iconfairyaurora: .. *sigh*
This time, it's Bellinda :'3

- The flower's petal on her ear and her dress can be sharp on her final form, and she has sharper claws and fangs.
- She has a melodious voice like her lovely sister Coral.
- She got adopted by Coral's family, wich means that she's her adoptive sister.
- She likes sweets.
- She has a charming spirit that turns into cruel one when someone hurts people who she likes/loves.
- She has 2 bells buddies, but they can't talk.
- She has two types: Bell and Cat, wich means that she's a Bell-Cat.
- She has the ability to fly.

Too lazy to tag qwq
Got tagged by: :iconitzannadraws03: 
-Post these rules
-Post 8 random facts about your character
-Tag 8 other creators
-Post their OC'ss name along with their creator's name/avatar

She choosed Ivy so..XD

8 facts about Ivy:

1. She has a closed eye on each ear
2. She's shy and kind, but she suddenly can be a "monster"if someone hurts people who she likes/loves..
3. The eyes on her eyes open, and her eyes glows when she's angry or use magic. 
4. She has a wand with a flake on its summet that can glows when she uses its magic. She also rarely uses it on battle.
5. She has a crush on Ink (don't kill me please qwq)
6. She has a beautiful and calm voice.
7. She's has a difficult past, wich means that it's the reason of her fear toward (almost)everyone and her shyness.
8. The kindness'power on her soul protect her from the hate, wich means that if it disappears, she began hatred and see scary things. An example: When she looks at someone, she sees him bullying her with bad words etc..So she can't control herself and attacks.

So..Let's tag now!~

:iconfairyaurora: Coral x3
:icondomcia13: Uhm..Maybe Mistral x'3?
:iconamazing-girl-forever: Odette :3
:iconatsum3: Violet c:
:iconcyaneworks: Chaser -w-
:iconfoxdoodlez: Maybe your furry OC..? I forgot his name sorry qwq
:iconazur750: Your OC Gaia x3!
Hewwo everybody x3! How are y'all?~
I hope well, can y'all please go support them? :iconfoxdoodlez: :iconwea-fome:
They draw wonderfully and they need support and love/kindness x3!

Thank you :heart:
Hello buddies x3 How are y'all?~
Well, I didn't have a lot of homeworks so it gave me a lil'time to create a Baldi Basics OC x3 and also finish my AT part or commissions..

And..I need ur help for my OC's idea qwq (For example: "I want someone to play with me!" "Can you help me to find my glasses?" etc..I want an idea like that, so, can y'all help me please?)

Thank you so much <3
Here's the comic first ^-^ I'll try to draw it later, if I have time..Hope you like it, buddies x3!
(Also I'm so sorry for the long time awaawaaaa qwq)

Legendary!Tale Comic Chapter 1: The Meeting
Part 1

LegendaryTale..The AU where exist two kinds of monsters: Monsters with a soul white as a moon, and others with a soul black as a night. One day, a fight between these two kinds has came. Sadly, the evil monsters won this battle. The little child, panicked, escaped quickly. She suddenly saw a portal that her mother forbade her to enter. She has no choice so she did it..She entered. This portal led her on an AU called Storyshift. This child was called Ivy, the monster half skeleton and half dragon.

* I..?
She whispered with a trembling voice, afraid to meet someone coldhearted as some monsters of her AU. She walked. A girl, older than her approached to her. She was a monster goat-shaped named "Rubisse", she said to Ivy:

* Hello, little one! What are you doing here alone?

The eyes on the child's ears opened and glowed, same as her eyes because of her big panic. She stepped back, too afraid to answer. The goat girl was a bit surprised after the frightened child's action. She tried to reassure her:

* Hey..I don't want you any harm, okay? I promise.
The eyes on Ivy's ears closed, and her eyes stopped glowing, wich means that she trusted Rubisse. Then Rubisse asked her kindly:

* Anyways, what's your name, dear?
The little child answered her timidly, then asked her as well:

* I-Ivy..And you?
* I'm Rubisse, nice to meet you!

Rubisse smiled and patted her head. Ivy gets a bit surprised after that but smiled and said:

* Nice to meet you too..!
It's the first time that Rubisse see a monster of two kinds. Curious, she asked the little girl:

* Well..I got some questions for you. What AU do you come from?
* Oh..I'm from LegendaryTale, an AU where monsters of two kinds live..
The little girl answered desesperatly, remembering the bad moments that she lived in here. Rubisse noticed her sadness and despair. She comforted her:

* You lived a difficult life there and met a lot of bad people, right?.. Well, now you're in a different AU; wich means that you will meet people with a charming spirit. So you don't have to worry, okay?
Ivy's negative feelings turned into positives one, she smiled and hugged her, then said

* Okay..!
Rubisse smiled and hugged her back. Then asked her:

* Wanna come with me to visit Waterfall?
* ..Water..fall?..
Ivy asked, a bit confused. She doesn't know this place because she never visited it. So, Rubisse said:

* Oh, so you don't know this place..It's a wonderful area where we can find "Echo Flowers", the flowers that named after its ability to repeat the last sounds they have been exposed to, similar to echoes. And we can also see the starring night with a telescope. So, do you want to visit it?
Ivy seemed starry-eyed and excited to visit this beautiful place. So, she answered:

* Yep!! I'd love to see this marvelous place!
* Alrighty! Let's go then.
Rubisse said, then took Ivy's hand and the two girls went to Waterfall
Hello buddies <3 How are chu?
On school, we talked a bit about our lessons of last year and our vacations, and it suddenly gave me ideas for the storiies!~(Fluree's story, and my UT Comic's story)
Who wanna see -w-?
Thank you so much for the watch and Llama's!!
*big hugs to everyone*
I have a little surprise for you all:
Requests are open!
I can draw any OC's, maximum: 5 OC's
                 I can't draw:



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If you like my arts, you can give me points to support me.
Thank you~!

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