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A bite of 1,100 Psi by WendigoIllustration A bite of 1,100 Psi by WendigoIllustration
The skull of my male, Brown Hyena! This specimen is 100-120 years old.

Funny Story about this one: A Hyena skull has been my holy grail ever since I started collecting taxidermy. One time I saw someone, who was trying to get rid of an old "wolfrug". It looked so shitty that no one would have bought that Thing, but after taking a closer look I was able to identify the so called "wolf" as a Brown Hyena! I also was about 90% sure that in the mounted head was the original skull. After talking to the seller, who was very unaware of what he had there, I snagged my holy grail up for more than just a steal! I cut the damaged and ugly head off and in hours and hours of work I cleaned the skull! The Canine teeths have some damage, but other than that are all teeth present and the Skull is undamaged, having a nice Patina! The dusty and Dirty rest of the rug is still in my Basement, I´ll carefully wash it by Hand in the summer and fix the leather with some Isopropanyl to strengthen it. I also kept parts of the face fur and the eyes that were used on this Baby!


STOP! You are not allowed to use my work for any other purposes than drawing studies!
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Thank you!!!
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