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GTRO Tarot: 7 of Pentacles

By Wendigoat
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One more to go!
I hope this isn't too gross and eye-burny i feel like a scuz exploiting colours
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hlafkjsdf... what you did with the colors here is so awesome looking... +A+

And the writing on the bkg is another nifty touch. JUST TOO COOL, YO.
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I really like the composition on this one; the two roads/light beams below and the arc of pentacles above creates a nice symmetry and guides the eye towards Apollo. And god I LOVE THAT HAIR. And I just noticed the fingerprint in the lower left! Neat touch!
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Thank you! The print was paart of the texture I used and I considered deleting it but then kept it in cause I liked...jhow it looked somehow? And ahh, thank you! I tried really hard to get it looking symmetrical (probably more time doing that than I did rendering the hair/fur) since it's not something I usually do so I'm glad you noticed! :heart:
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I agree with what tersinc said. It looks really good!
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Thank you ;v;!
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Ahhh this is just beautiful--- :iconsoadorableplz:
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Ahhh thank you so much! It was fun to do~
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The extra colors really make his hair stand out on that dark background. I think it looks great! Also makes his hair look psychedelic magical. The composition is simple, yet conveys the point, too, because he's admiring his hard work here. At least I assume that's what he's doing?
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Part of it is admiring hard work and how far he's come, yeah! I also really wanted to emphasize the whole "crossroads" aspect of the card and the idea of responsibility and "owning" decisions, since choice (priest vs monk, church vs academy, different magical disciplines, etc) has always been a huge part of his life. Thank you!
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