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ElephantWendigo's Vintage Palettes - PS Swatches



The ultimate color palette (60 palettes x 300 swatches) directly from my drawings is now available. :dummy:
You can take the .jpg and pick the colors by youself or, if you prefer, you could buy the .ACO format (Swatches for Photoshop only) for just 2$ on Gumroad or for 200:points: by using the form on the right.

They will only work in Photoshop.
They will not work in SAI.

You don't have to credit me if you use. You could even use them commercially as long as you don't redistribute them.
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Why are you selling colors exactly? Kinda doesn't make sense.
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I'm selling swatches not colors, an organized file ready to use as a color palette reference for Photoshop.
There's no copyright over colors, indeed.
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I mean no offense; I was just curious.

Could you explain swatches to me? Is it something that automatically adds the colors into whatever program the person uses as 'pre-saved'?
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Yes, exactly. It's just a set of colors chosen.
You can pick them up by yourself using color picking tool in Photoshop, or you can either download them organized by me for a small amount.
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Now I understand! Thank you! c: Sorry if I caused any issues ^^
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Wonderful palettes, thank you!
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Used one of them here quq thanks for the awesome palettes! These are great challenges x3
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I liked these as well.x) I bought this one too. Very useful. :)
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Thanks for your feedback! ^^
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so helpful thanx a lot!!
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money for a swatches palette? lol no
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These are awesome <3

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thank you very much for this :) I was looking for an awesome and original palette and I just found it :) :aww:
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I've been looking for palettes like these to help me become a better artist. I thank you so much for putting this up. C:
ChellizardDraws's avatar
Amazing. Gonna have to use these. c:
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these are gorgeous! ♥
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Much thanks ^__^
fineartbyandrewdavid's avatar
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These are lovely color combinations. I don't do much digital art, but I'll probably try some of these in my traditional pieces!
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