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CyberSteel - Kevin and Alex

I'm redesigning my character from my comic CyberSteel.
Kevin and Alex are my OC.
I'm trying to get it published somewhere. *fingers crossed*

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They look so very awesome and they have great designs!
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whoa kevin looks more rugged haha i like it :D and your line art is amazing¬
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Thanks a bunch! ^___^
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These guys are hot! :love: 
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they look really good! Best of luck with your comic! 
bleikurxhvalur's avatar
I died, once again. -insert-cartoon-foghorn-here- 
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Aaaaw, cuties~ ^^
I like the lighting and shading, they look really realistic. Also, their design makes them look- well, more awesome. It's easier to relate to them when they look like this for some reason is what I mean. I love 'em! Good job. ^^
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Glad you like them!!
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Glad you made 'em! X3
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your humans are amazing! <3
and the U of M sweatshirt makes me smile :)
I'm a Michigander :D
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Eheh, thanks a bunch! ^^
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STill love your style man
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They look nice! I like how detailed there designs are. 
Good luck with your comic!
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man your arts are still inspiring me amazing job as always *-*!!
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Thanks a lot! *\\*
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I wish you the best of luck! They look amazing ^.^ 
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Thanks a bunch! *\\* Glad you like them.
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