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Drawn with Corel Photopaint and tablet.

Reference photo by Edward Sheriff Curtis shot in 1910: [link]

Original size: 4558 x 6115 px
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© 2006 - 2021 wendelin
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Fine can see the pride in his eyes for who he is but you an also see the deep sadness that his way of life is over...
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Very nice, thank you!
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Did you create the color for this image? after looking at Edward Curtis's images...the were mostly black and white. Very well done. Very rich, and strong which adds to his character.
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Yes, they were b/w photographs. I just tried to imagine how the colors might have looked like. Thanks!
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He is my ancestor
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Thank you, this is very much appreciated!
Hi, wendelin. I have just discovered your work and am really impressed. There are so many things I would love to know about your process of creating such paintings and so many questions I would love to ask you. I would for example love to see a detail of the skin in high-res and learn how you paint this. Also I would really like to know how much time you need to finish such a painting. The details of the skin are incredible and I really wonder how you achieve this. Best regards from around the corner... (near Karlsruhe)... :-)
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First of all, welcome to DA, penava!  I followed the link to your homepage ( and I'm blown away by the incredible talent you have. I really hope, you will share some of your works with the DA community, it sure would be a valuable addition to this site. :)
Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad to answer your questions.
Concerning the skin, I start to fill the area completely with a very dark brown (this will be the "shadows" of the dimples of the skin). To draw the skin texture I use a round brush with soft edges and with a rather high transparency. I then draw small lines, following the structure of the skin (the reference photo tells me how ;-) ). For the brighter parts of the skin I just repeat the procedure with the same brush by trying to follow the first lines accurately. I only change the color if it's needed, like if the area is even brighter or it needs another tone (for example I use blue tones for the parts around the eyes where the skin is thinner and the veins shine through - or more red tones for the cheeks etc.) It's not that hard but time consuming. ;-) I can't make a precise statement about how much time I need, though. I only draw, when I'm in the mood, so I never pay attention to the time. Also it depends a lot on the amount of details. I'd say 20 - 40 hours of work. 
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Something went wrong with the link to your website, so I try again:
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a great work of art...
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Thank you very much!
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ur very welcome.
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Can I download your beautiful art and use it on Twitter?
I'll mention you of course. 

I"m a Mi'kmaq, and I like to share aboriginal art and history. :)
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Yes, of course. Thank you! :)
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If you want to see how I use it,

Thanks again! :)
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Awesome, mi'watm (thanks)!
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Oh my god... THIS IS AMAZING!

and why is it called three eagles?
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Thanks! "Three Eagles" was his name.
its a great piece of art but can i say it is chief red cloud of the oglala sioux tribe 1822-1909
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