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HE DOG - Oglala

Famous Sioux warrior. Further information on the person is provided here: [link]

Drawn with Corel Photopaint using a reference photo taken by J. A. Anderson in 1900 ([link])

Original size: 7486 x 8891 px
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Wow it's beautiful! :D
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Jaw dropping... wait a second while I go retrieve my chin from the floor.
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So incredible! Very much blown away! Especially love the lighting on the face! Featured in my 5/18/10 journal -- [link]
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Very realistic :D
Fantastic. Exspecially the clothes
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He looks so life like and makes me wanna cry...don't know why but I do. Very beautifully done and just amazing.
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Your paintings are just mind blowing.
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For some reason this painting makes me want to cry... Perhaps it's because I just woke up and don't want to have to go out today hehe. I have a real affinity for the north american indians.. They absolutely fascinate me and now through your stunning renditions I can satisfy my fascination. The colours work so harmoniously together and the texture work is excellent.
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Thank you very much. This makes me very glad (except maybe for the fact that it makes you wanna cry :hmm: ). :lol:
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He looks like hes living once more. Nice work! Keep up the good job!
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I will! Thank you very much! :)
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Hun! I always love checking in on your page and seeing your beautiful work. I can never get enough of it. I really love this one. I'm going to have to get it when I have money.
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you have been featured here: [link]
I you dont like let me know and I remove asap!
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gern geschehen
schau dir auch die anderen features and :D
You know... they should place this as the description of the words "perfect", "detail" and "portrait" in the illustrated dictionary...

I could imagine this took forever to finish, but it was CLEARLY every bit worth it!

Kudos! :)

~ :sun: Carpe Momentum :sun: ~
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Yes, I worked about three months on this piece (mostly on the weekends, when I had time for it). Probably it's my most time-consuming drawing ever. Thanks for liking it! :)
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