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The Heaven Judge

This image`s copyright was sold to the client, so no more commercial license buying for this image, thank you :)

Heaven Judge
The one who been guarding heaven`s Gate, the Goddes who control the time and space.

Every good soul who died and goes to heaven will meet this goddes for the Judgement, and judging the soul`s purity from the Time record. If the soul was pure and white, the Goddes will put the soul into the golden cage and send it to the throne to be transformed into an Angel.

But if the soul wasn`t pure enough to be send to the throne, it will be caged into the red cage and will send to the heaven`s jail, and the Throne will send some angel to purify the soul. when the soul was pure enough, the soul will be send to the throne

8 Hours + photoshop.

a illustration I made for some Illustration competition :D
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SennaGirl's avatar
Wow. The scene for some... hm, Heavenly Tarot?
Wenart's avatar
something like that :D, thanks
SkeletonCarousel's avatar
This is awesome! I really like the attention to details and the whole concept *-*
CaraLeighArt's avatar
This is amazing, I love the concept, the colors, the everything :-)
PaleAuthor's avatar
Ooh! That's so amazing La la la la 
Thegarfieldtouch's avatar
the golden shading and lighting is just beautifully outstanding in my point perspective view of the artwork! the perfect time killer to look at for so long at the kitchen! :clap:
Tara-bleArt's avatar
Really love the warm color pallet.  Very pleasing to the eye, and the composition is well structured to let the eye flow over it.  Definitely a fav. ^_^
monkeyartis's avatar
wow great job dude
ArtFrenzyBoris's avatar
Wow spectacular job!The whole concept of this heavenly godess and the souls is pretty neat!
I realy love the composition,the serenity it has and the great details and the overall visual impact it does!
8 hours well spent!
Jakemono's avatar
This is pretty cool!
dwgarrett's avatar
wondeful drawing!
Wenart's avatar
many thanks :)
JNRedmon's avatar
I believe in heaven, though I don't believe that everyone goes there. Regardless, this is absolutely astounding. It's so beautiful. I get so sick of seeing people draw angelic creatures as just people with wings and robes, so thank you for actually doing something creative with heaven.
Wenart's avatar
many thanks :D
kmathel94's avatar
Cool soo eather way your saved.
Wenart's avatar
many thanks :D
kmathel94's avatar
the ideakind of reminds me of a kid throing a tantrum. Ya just got ta wait untill the calm down. Love the happy ending thir aren't enough of those lately!
I wonder if they have that in heaven(?). (is curious)
Wenart's avatar
dunno, lolz XD
AlucardLover's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
Wenart's avatar
Many thanks :D
Mizaki0Rei's avatar
Wenart's avatar
many thanks :D
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