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July 29, 2011
DIablo War by *wenart
The suggester wrote: "The shading is brilliant and the colours used are exquisite. I really like how the artist has managed to capture the potency of the situation through the stance, expressions and more. There is something aggressive that increases the impact here."
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DIablo War

A pic I made for DiabloIII chalange in Indocg, u can see the WIP here -> [link]

15 hours + photoshop
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Sammavanklaarbergen's avatar
Great excecution and sense of movement! I had some trouble with seeing exactly what what is though. In the sense that I didn't spot right away where the front character ends and the other starts.
Alatriste22's avatar
Wow I hope someday I draw like that!
L-Y-N-S's avatar
I really like the texture on the armour
ShaneProcrastinates's avatar

I love the pose! Good job on making the arm lead the viewers eye to the face.

Nice blending technique, reminds me of watercolour :)
The hair must have taken ages to get that way, but it looks really great!

Keep it up and have an amazing time :)
Pensulliwen's avatar
Wow, gorgeous work! There's so much emotion in this piece.
Meellz's avatar
omg this is gorgeous! :heart:
The details are just awesome! :la:
Tinnu's avatar
Wow, sick shading O_o love the warm tones!
Azurynn's avatar
Awesome - I like the perspective, as well as all of the detail put into this piece. :)

The background and the shading add a very nice touch, too. 

As a World of Warcraft player, I've been thinking of trying out Diablo III, since it looks pretty good. Is it fun? ^^
FlynnRyder's avatar
I really like the perspective. 
Llavella's avatar
nice view and perspective. I  Like Your expression!
zuhairm's avatar
love the intense mood created by the strong colour palette and the facial expression :)
ChaosTrevor's avatar
This is a nice drawing that you've made
EquisEspada's avatar
The detail and dynamic nature of the artwork is amazing.
Thegarfieldtouch's avatar
this is what i want to hang in my wall when i get the money to buy this print! cause you nailed it big time on shading , coloring , and the sketch patience style skills you've developed to make this the daily deviant , which you deserved to earn it ;)
painted-blank's avatar
15+ hours well spent, looks amazing
ArcaneEnforcer's avatar
Amazing job here! The lighting and shading is perfect and the dynamic angle really suits this character and the picture. Nice work!
ArtFrenzyBoris's avatar
Well i have to say that thats pretty badass indeed!The colors and poses and the overall design were executed with great style and dynamicity.Great work!
BethannNg's avatar
Very nice.  Great movement in this
Wenart's avatar
many thanks :D
ninated's avatar
I love all the little details and the shading is so beautiful!
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