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Battle Preparation

inspired by monster hunter unite game.

I love that game XD
I love Felyne`s XD the cat servant who cook for you and going battle with you ~ I love when they "meowing" its so cutee XD
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Love how you did lightning and shading ^^ Good work!
TheFulminatingShadow's avatar
Always pictured the cats dressing you up before a quest.
DancingSpark's avatar
This is very cool and well drawn! I love it! :D I also kinda think the man looks like a cross between Master Chief of Halo, Naruto, and Cloud Strife of FFVII. But then again, I have an active imagination, so. xD
Wenart's avatar
many thanks :D
zaku1986's avatar
Very very nice. Fav!
tentobaka's avatar
good job bro!!
thomasng's avatar
Nice lay out, but the felyne and melynx looks a little flat... And just wondering, what armour and weapon set is that? Don't reckon I have ever seen one like that before.
Wenart's avatar
that is just a random armor :D
prudencee-lumiere's avatar
kucingnya... kucingnya~!! LUCUUUU :heart:
Wenart's avatar
whee...many thanks XD
CatSummoner's avatar
barang imut di game gahar.. kurang apalagi coba =D
oktow's avatar
walah fans monster hunter juga to..... keren bos kapan2 saya juga mau bikin fanarts sekarang juga masih main MH2 ps2 yang bahasa jepang "tapi sekarang udah dapat crack english (walaupun cuma item ama quest tapi tetep playable" dari temen2 di game,
nice work like always bro...
ohhhhhh i love MH series
xglide's avatar
HAW HAW HAW HAW, for a second I thought he was one of the Hokage from Naruto LOL Great job. I love cats too and FELYNES RULE!!! NYA~~~
kucingnya lucu2 :D :D manstab dah

Ace Dryad
ArgentYue's avatar
ini monster hunter console apa? bis yg gw tau itu yg psp, tapi ga kayak gini ^_^'
kucingnya imut banget, tapi kok muka hunternya galak yach? hehhe XD
Wenart's avatar
versi modifikasi sih, lol, psp, tp armornya di awur sendiri lol XD
ShinRone's avatar
tak kiro naruto ^^

monster hunter online?
Wenart's avatar
nda, yang freedom unite :D
Estheryu's avatar
nice!!!!!!estehryu never play game one~^W^
Wenart's avatar
wheee.... try it, its quite fun :D
RacoonFactory's avatar
Hoii... Maen monster hunter juga ya? yuk yuk hunting bareng....
Wenart's avatar
huwaaa... ayo XD monster hunter yang versi berapa anyway? XD
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