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wallpaper: The Holy Church

Fried rice image =P

left to right.

1)St. Evangeline

2) St. Hazael

3) St. Astraega

4) Elienai

5) Romeo Exxet

6) Nero

7) Damien

8) Justina

9) Xavier

animaforum dot edgeent dot com

(man, stay away from any link buttons! dont click!! XD)
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I want to fight against them !!!
It looks good to me!
Tylion-sama's avatar
kickass inquisitors....
FantasyGrace's avatar
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Nice work

i really love that :D
Rani-the-vamp's avatar
Is everyone up there? I wanna save ALL of the chars, but I can't find them all. Are they in a different folder? btw, maybe you could put the pictures in folders within folders, so it's easier to find out who's in what group, or who isn't in any in particular.
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Is there a Xavier and Damien solo? :)
shinyzombie's avatar
very nice! St. Evangeline reminds me of Trinity Blood :D
freaking awesome work.
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Fabulous collage, and yeah, the DA warnings once you try to get away from the only safe! place on the web are kinda amusing....
bluebabyBB's avatar
wow.. lovely character!!!
InpuUpUaut's avatar
Great!! Justina is amazing ^_^
MyBloodSugarVampire's avatar
Justina :heart: Great work. I'm still browsing your gallery. XD do you have any drawings of just Justina?
Pathea's avatar
Awesome art!
Wootzors's avatar
you are like a godsend for art
TheSolemnKiller's avatar
Friggin' awesome dude!
Nice any other words would be over kill. Any less wouldn't give due respect
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awesome wallpaper, Wen
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Characters are sweet and I like the organization. Unless you were really just going for something simple though I think you should have done more with it.
dai-hima's avatar

It was just so pretty and lovely and amazing that I wanted to press download to see it bigger. *3*;;

I would buy it as a print, though, if I had Paypal, or some other type on internet money. *A*

'tis amazing. I love the way you color skin! Uwa~~ :heart:
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I am since along time a go a fan of yours i wanted to ask you if Elenai and Dinah have a specific back ground as in story? I'd like to read it and make a small fanzine if that is ok?
Also who i'd have to ask for this, if i need to ask anyone else ^^ ?
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