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sword designs

basically revised the swords you see in the angels and demons series.
I like sharp objects, do you? :giggle:
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I knew I've seen this before!! Here is my boy Skallagrim giving out his honest critique on you designs and other fantasy weapons. No hate....just true criticism…
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thank you for letting me know =D 
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Keep it up!! Your gallery is amazing
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Giant Metal Monstrosity of spinal deformity

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thank him for directing more attention to my older work. =] thank you for commenting. 
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Isnt the second left sword the sword that nameless uesd in a video game named anima gate of memories?
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yeah, they are. 
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Those first two I already got! :)
Remeber to wear armour over those arms before you try to use these!
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the number 2 make me think of a Gandhalfon mace.
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I love the 2 one
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I love them all but my favourite is the middle one
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i like the one on the left
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Ouch! Those look painful to grasp! But I guess that's a cool way of differentiating angel/demon swords from mortal ones. Celestial and infernal beings could be immune to such trivial pain. I feel like there's a metaphor somewhere in there. Anyway, fantastic work, my friend. :]
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I really like the red one, kind looks like a blood sword
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The description says "This sword is a 3D model of a sword drawn by Wen-M," soo.. well, it's the same.
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oh, I see. Look like I didn't read the description :D
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I'm going to work on a 3D model of the fourth sword for practice. I'll post it if I get around to finishing it.
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The third one's my fave...makes me remind of...I dunno...something like...a name popped in my's very simple and clean and uniq (I have no idea if I spelled that right .__.).Also has a peek of shadow in it.Not all light is trustable, not all darkness is evil.
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I love the first one and the third one :D

wish i could draw swords T_T
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I really like the 3rd one
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