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sketch: velvetair 1

Velvetaire was a character which i created from concept up, and she was one of those that I had the time and mood to really indulge on, and seriously...i really took my sweet time on her design process. theres 3 sketch sheets on her XD

2nd sheet
3rd sheet

final image
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leochemist's avatar
thischaracter and the nun look interesting
Daveypuff's avatar
I really love your sketches and concepts they are just amazing :)
SaintAria's avatar
the amour turned out really great. i like those cristals a lot!
BLUE-F0X's avatar
That armour reminds me of Monster Hunter.
V--R's avatar
You forgot the e.
Sinnerkaede's avatar
if she stands on a ceiling we'd see her panties. JS
Ling-Xatu's avatar
love all the simplicity :clap:
rezilue's avatar
you should submit something to Riot to get on the Champion design team dude. i swear. I'd buy your champions!!!
Wen-M's avatar
hahhaa, thanks man! i appreciate your opinion on this.
Unkn0wnfear's avatar
LOVE the leg armor. You should make a large framed male golum type character made of that crystaline armor patterning.
Rubicoon's avatar
Love velvetair
frazaga962's avatar
will you be doing a final shot of her? like the other stuff in ur gallery or is it just gonna be concept sheets?
scientificus's avatar
Iviernu's avatar
I found it very interesting to look at your sketches xD
Not to mention Velvetaire is one of my favourites (come on, who doesn't love those boots and helmet? LOL)
Wen-M's avatar
haha, thanks! are you from jakarta?
Iviernu's avatar
Nope, I'm from solo city (super lonely name, I know xD)
I quite often go to Jakarta though. Why?
Wen-M's avatar
ah, i see i see, i ask because most of my indonesian friends are from jakarta =D
i have a clock for jakarta time on my phone. hahaa
Iviernu's avatar
Hahahaha I see =D
My city is actually quite small and believe it or not, I never even met anyone online from my city.
JunoX-Reborn's avatar
crazehkitteh's avatar
I always love looking at your sketches c:
ShuyinTheEnigmatic's avatar
She's beautiful, yet deadly looking.
TheLizAngel's avatar
I will forever love those crystal booots! :heart:
velmenni's avatar
ohhh shez pretty
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