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grandparents of Liliha

This is a painting of Liliha's grandparents. There is a mistake in the painting. have fun looking for it if you have nothing better to do. XD

June 09 2005, replaced image with the new edited version
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hogbeareagle's avatar
iits the hand on the head, isnt it?
aconspercy's avatar
this is my first time seeing this one, but is the mistake the foot? it looks like he has two left feet!
zelptheking's avatar
those are some kick-ass grandparents
is the mistake those little yellow bits?
ktownjeff's avatar
AsterHyakinthou's avatar
Is this how the zombie apocalypse got started?
Atarisadowridge's avatar
And in this picture, I have found inspiration for a scene in the light novel I am working on. Bless you Wen-M. This picture rocks.
LukasTheron's avatar
Super sick!
Erm... Might I ask: If he has a revolver why are the shells on the ground? I Mean still love the pic but I doubt he reloaded...
I would say the mistake is on the skeleton: How can he stand up as his thigh-bone (if my english is not too bad) is not linked to the hip (or what it seems to be his hip) ?
Might also be his left arm cause she hug him too tightly and it doesn't seem right
ponetium's avatar
it is just SO cute. like bunnies.

you know, they could be lesbians...
that would make more sense... XD
Arrmand's avatar
wow brilliance.
her recurring dream is that she honestly does try to escape this hideous persuer, but it captures her every time, and so vividly impales her genitals with its rigid member and makes her orgasm repeatedly.
suzie2022's avatar

I saw that and i was like "Hey!! i know that artist!" XD

I love this picture Btw! It's super awesome!!!
i think the mistake its the left leg lolz i mean the boot lenght its different and also the pants :D
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
I love this picture even with the odd fingers!
Added to my wishlist!
kawaiku's avatar
Her left leg is all ... well... How does she walk??
Zazoe's avatar
awesome! :D
but I wonder how it's possible that the skeleton is holding the gun with 2 arms with the girl hugging him so tightly xD
Bmart333's avatar
i dunno, is it me or does his right foot seem to be a left one!
yaoiisanamazingting's avatar
is it that he doesn't have a wang to complete the picture?
Cecilia-sudokunokami's avatar
The skeleton's arm! Is that the mistake? Is that it??????
trixyloupwolf's avatar
0_o woooow
so amaziiing
i love ti a lot
too bad its pink ^^;;
but i may do it some day iin black nya sooo kawaiiiii ^^ loove a lot
Phoenix-God-of-Fire's avatar
lol anyone else thinking 'Reaper from Persona'
demonemoguy11's avatar
awesome picture
i think the mistake is the bone wear his "thingy" should be is pointing out of his pocket
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