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anima: Drake

miniature of Drake is avaiable here =D

first warrior guy i drew for Anima, man that was a long time ago @__@
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chloexlolx's avatar
I love the sword, makes him look twice as dangerous.
Wen you are simply amazing you never cease to amaze me
nimzog's avatar
I going to cosplay this!!!

For the first week of August. I HOPE it will come out great.
mintyoreo's avatar
warrior guy! I'm a fan;)
LadyoftheAir's avatar
yeah, for serious, his upper body is teh sex and he needs to be in more of your work.
spyke1of24's avatar
coll sword in this one
Menestria's avatar
Can I have the number of phone of this beautiful man please ? = =+
VisualArcade's avatar
I really love all your Anima work.
It's just awesome.
The detail in the pictures, the shading, simply perfect. Great job on everything!
mikegodzillasapp's avatar
wow this is the greatest thing ive ever seen. you need to do a tutorial on how you color
Aereth-Kaden-Mustang's avatar
you so need to draw him in action!!!!! he is so cute!!!!!
alright, calming down, but you seriously need to draw him in action against some sort of foe!!! coolio!!!!! :D alright, i'll leave ya alone now. i'll go on my
Wen-M's avatar
i hope i get to draw him again soon. =]
Aereth-Kaden-Mustang's avatar
you don't freely draw your pics? :confused:
if i had your talent, i'd draw nonstop!!!! :crazy:
Zorro9's avatar
kErNeL-sCrIpT's avatar
Great Wok again!!!!
Man, you have a great notion of anatomy, it's cool!
DreamFairy8's avatar
i love the sword design. very good job!
sithhunter's avatar
ok you are the undoubtably BEST artist ive EVER seen...mind if i make a request?
blackinuyaju's avatar
*steals sword and armor and runs away*
Roxoh's avatar
Why no comments? This is awesome...
DietHandGrenade's avatar
I know this is eternally old, but I just now stumbled upon this.

I love the design and the details, but the hair doesn't quite fit to me.
Shadow336's avatar
totally awesome.

wondering if i could edit it for something, and give cred here?
Ashley-Himura's avatar
This picture reminds me SO much of Cloud from Advent Children xD his stance and everything :D
great pic ^^!
xXFarisatakaXx's avatar
i knew i wasn't the only one. D:
Drawlight's avatar
Really amaizing! :D
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