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Spears 02

most of this set was drawn for a good friend of mine. (you know who you are :hug:)

anyhow, here goes names for some of them.
left to right.
1 and 3 is lacking a name for now.

2 is Unfading promise

4 is Sanctified Embrace

5 is Crimson Scorpion
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I enjoy Crimson :D.Again...such bootiful works...not much words to express the...the...the .__. no words...speechless.
If I might be so arrogant as to suggest names for 1 and 3, here they are.

1: Divine Severity
3: Ranseur of Tribulations
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1: Divine Right
3: Lion's Roar
The third: Burning Desire

The first: Holy aura
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Their use is associated with high skills very enjoyable
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I would call the first one White Winged Spiral(becouse it's white, it has wing-like protrusions near it's blade, and the wings seemed to be connected to a spiral), and the third one Phoenix's Feather
the designs are the best :D i don't think that i could find better weapon-designs than yours
Such beautiful designs, every single one of them. : )
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crimson scorpion is the most practical cool one
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I love your weapons and i cant wait until you do more <3
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these are awesome
i might just make some of em
course that's with your permission?
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Call the third one -pheonix tear :3
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First spear could be named:"Heaven's Staircase".
Thirds spear could be named:"Infernal Dawn".

Now I will let the master himself see if he will do something with these names or not :P.
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The 3rd spear should be Quetzel's Beak.
third spear should be named Sunlight Heart
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Third spear could be :

Twilight Blaze,
Blaze of Glory,


Eternal Flame.
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love the second one.
how about these for names:
#1. heaven's justice
#3. pheonix Flame
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Sterling Bone and Divine Flame?
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suggestion for 1's name "Silver promise"
for 3, "Golden Flame"
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3 looks like some kind of divine weapon, so hows this sound:
1- Angel's Grace

3- Judgement of Flame
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Why are you so amazing?!?
Crimson Scorpion is win. It's so...Lethal looking!
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The first one is something like... bones...
The third staff is some spiritual thingy, it reminds me on the Overlords (Orc wizards) in Lineage 2!
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could i use number 3 for a future future story i may write? :P Gladiator female warrior with metallic wings fused to her armor. the announcers/commentators call her the Valkerye. Wind alligned element.. perhaps calling the weapon Angel's Vengeance or Valkerye's Fury.
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