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Pole axes...not really

well, as sad as i am over the earthquake and the lost of lives, i know i should carry on in life. and pardon me for bringing it up again, i just cant help it. my prayers to those who lost and survived with sorrow.

and yeah. some pole axes and i will try a short description this time.

the first one is pretty standard, just a poles axe, probably the most effective one as that matter.

the second one, i named it the cursed dragon. its supposed to have poison element on it. not very happy with the bladed part however, may be a redesign later on.

the middle one is called thorned affection. much more for magical staff usage. strengthens charm spells.

4th one, the wing of death. typical death element weapon. i liked this one when i was designing it.

5th one, narssarcistic undine. (sp?)
i had too much fun with this, i made the handle thick because i wanted it to be proportionate...thats why it looks more like a one handed axe...i might redraw this one as well. strengthens water spells. obviously...

if anyone of you wants to make any of these in 3D, i would love to see it when youre done.
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Whoa, there are so dope!

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one model coming your way
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i like all of them but 2 and 4 are my faves
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3D? Challenge accepted. Though would it be cool to use the model(s) in a demo reel? With full credit, of course.
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the second is awesome
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I swear to God, the Pink one would be my weapon of choice. XD
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good job!!
Really nice man!
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sweet i love them
Eeana: thowes are denifently axes
and I'm gessing that the
Blue one is made from water
the pink one is ice or love or both
the one next to the blue one is made of human bone metol or stone
the one to left of the pink one is made of darkness and dragon bone
and the last one to the left is made of dark lightning and Earth
If i am wrong then crent me
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You are quite the weapons designer! I like the style that you use to make them! ^^
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I love the last two the most.
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i would totally wield the one inbetween the blue and pink axe, that is more epic then any two handed axe ive ever seen
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can i make the girl on the end in 3d for you?
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nice, second from left and second from right 2 this time are my favs.
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One of my favorite weapon classes to use IRL!
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Awesome! The last one on the right just beats all :clap:
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I like Thorned Affection...It looks like its begging to take a slash at something!
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It's good that the lives of other people still mean so much to you. Nothing is wrong with bringing it up.

That said, I wouldn't mind having a Narcissistic Undine. There's just something glamorous about it. (On a side note, Wing of Death seems like its staring at her. XD)
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wow! I loved them!!!
they are so cool!!
specially that dead one xD
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you know, if you made those into toothbrushes, they would sell like hotcakes:D
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The Wing of Death ax is actually pretty slick in terms of design. It strikes me as more of a scythe than an ax at first glance, but when I imagine the weapon's movement, that's when it becomes more of an ax than a scythe.

And I had a bit of a giggle at Narcissistic Undine. Not your typical design for an axe, but it certainly looks effective; the thick handle could be a balance for the blade.
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Love no5, it's the favourite of the recurring themes I see in your weapons, I'd ove to see a full suit of armour in that style
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Nice desings! The Cursed Dragon and Narcissistic Undine are very cool :3
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