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The concept was, he is tall and wise.
So hes tall, and has a book (wise...hahahah)

2 hour drawing, 2 hour coloring, i had a hard time coming up with a color scheme. i still dont like the colors for the outfit much but i liked the wings.
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You know how I found Anima? I was looking for an old game, called El Shaddai on Steam, which I did not find, but I ended up finding Anima The Nameless Chronicles ... after seeing the videos I was already going to buy, when I discovered that I had not only one but two games on vacation promotion ... Bought the two !! I finished the game yesterday ... One of the bests games I've played this year!
El Shaddai I thought it was you who did the character designs too ... Remember a little your style!
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Unique rendition for the voice of God.
wings are awesome 
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it's great :D but I think it would be even better if you colored him white-gold, because he is the "keeper of god" and he has that many wings because they protect him from god's light that is so intense that rare beings survive it. he's the closest to that light. so I think that light colors would go better with the concept ^^ but still, it's awesome :D the wings, my fav part!
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The color scheme is actually really good.
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my fave angel man!
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In the Judeo-Christian Myth, Metatron was the 'Face of God' master of heavenly songs. He is the most mysterious angel, they say, and was known to have done numerous acts of cruelty to mankind.
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Is that angel or demon?
What an eloquent portrayal of the head Seraphim voice of god. His wisdom shows through your work, omniscience would be happy to be viewed in such a light.

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And he even has the eye spots for the however many eyes he's supposed to have.
Great way to adapt the old concept into a modern style.
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great deatil as always :+favlove:
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He's so...detailed and ...awesome. DUDE YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! :headbang:
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really good I see how you show that he is wise. I really like your style
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METATRON! you've read the dark materials trilogy then?
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he is gorgeous <3
great job on him!! *drags him away*
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It reminds me of Finally Fantasy style which is something that i really enjoy so i have no problem fully admitting i love the peace. Great work!
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god I love his outfit! It's is an awesome character ^__^ :+fav:
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That is amazing. You truly have a gift. :)
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this image is beautiful:D
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