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Malice Shinigami

A commission from
I enjoyed the big scythe and the crimson hair. =)
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I have been looking for this picture for years!  Yay! <3  Still one of my favorites!
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ah yes, She's been making a round trip over the internet, so i can understand its been hard to really locate where she came from XD
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I admire your work so much.  Gorgeous detailing in everything.
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Dude look for Lisara restall
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I really do love your art work..Some of the best I've ever seen.
ritsuke123's avatar
*wide eyes*
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I have seen this before online. But it didn't know where it came from till now. This is a dream cosplay for me! I just love the red and scythe.
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this is actually on another website i came across, i hate people taking other peoples work so i just wanted to put up the link in case you didn't know: [link]
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This is literally the pic that introduced me to DA. Thanks Wen-M (and Google image search)!
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could you tell me what program do you use for this? and all of the others?
Hakkyou-no-Yami's avatar
utterly Beautiful...I like her very much.
It looks like Death's girlfriend or something
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Its' the definition of badassery.
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The Color of Sin. Sexy and devilish a deadly combination
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im reminded of witchblade.
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Extraordinarily well conceived and executed creation. Detail work and the coloring of said work is breathtaking... and the figure is mouthwatering. Would love to work with you on something...
DubuGomdori's avatar
wow, the demonic bone armor is exquisite. a good job.
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One of my most favorite images to date. Now I finally know where it comes from. Badass.
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Man, It's amazing!:eyepopping:
your art is gorgeous, the colors, the expressions.
I hope you do not mind if I use your images as inspiration for my characters.
I became a big fan of your art.
TearMyselfUp's avatar
I skimmed over the comments and didn't see anyone mentioning this...but did this piece get picked up as artwork for the "Anima" series of tabletop games? I'm a huge fan of them and I know I've seen this picture used. If so, then congrats and I have to say it is well deserved, you are an incredible artist. If not, then, well, I guess I'm crazy and mistaking it for something else, lol. Either way, impressive. ^_^
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