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Luminous Echo: Blessing

(this project is live from Aug 25 to Sep 30)

Please support us anyway you can =D Thank you in Advance!
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hi :wave: i featured your amazing work here arts and music of the week GHOST HEART 
Nolgin-Arminster's avatar
if it was a rock would have been like excalibur , was it the feel you were searching for?
lenny2055's avatar
Lovely blend of greens.
TicTocard's avatar
Your art are wonderful. o_O I am impress every time.
Btworld69's avatar
I think this sword likes where it positioned. right THROUGH ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) the out lying tree root.
Phoenix-God-of-Fire's avatar
Duh Nuh Nuh Nuuuhhh! You got the the Mastersw LordBlade! The Sword of evil's b That Repels all Injustices!
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Hello?! Anybody want to pull me out?! Preferably an orphan born under auspicious circumstances!
Phoenix-God-of-Fire's avatar
A green kid with a fairy/spirit/animal companion is also welcome
DameOdessa's avatar
Once again, fantastic work on the light, quite mysterious and... blessed ? There is something peaceful, sacred in this scene, even the plants  seem to to be protected by it, looking for the light, looking for the enchantment and aura surronding it :)
And the depth of the composition is impressive!
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like the master sword!
RagnorokIrons's avatar
I love this the sword and the light beam 
Agni-Royai's avatar
The green colour *_*
Kutori's avatar
Cool! Love the light effects of the forest!
RoninDude's avatar
Awe dude... This is so awesome! Really takes me back to one of my favorite pics from the old Nintendo Power magazine days, when they were advertising for Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past. There was an image of the Master Sword in the forest, and it was such a cool pic. This is a really great piece, man!
Wen-M's avatar
man, those were the days, Nintendo power magazines... oh man...oh man.... those days.. Y__Y
NecroTechno's avatar
I see this as a tree going "OUCH!!! DARNIT, RIGHT IN THE ROOT!!! YOU TWO-LEGGED BASTARD!!!" XD
Wen-M's avatar
dragoneye1843's avatar
almost thought it was Excalibur 
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