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Sorry if you thought it was a Final Fantasy fanart =P

Behemoth, a demon king.
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You do some impressive stuff!
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I think it is kick ass...and sexy.
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Not gonna lie. It was a Final Fantasy Behemoth hunt that brought me here. But I am certainly glad to have found this instead. =]
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hahaa, fun!, i got on hunting for FF monsters all the time =]
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There are a fair few to find out here. =]
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Possibly my favourite in your collection.
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awesome,its not how i would imagine a behemoth to look like, but thats the reason i like it for the most, its different
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i love ur art :O imma watch ur whole channel :O
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badass design man
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dang that is cool
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I'm not even sure words can describe how cool this is.
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Looks like somthing out of "Dantés Inferno". I love how exaggerated that game is!
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it looks like someone in a nightmare
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This is effing amazing. What did you use to do this?
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I love the design...amazing!! I wish I could draw something so cool.
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Honestly, it's the best Deviation in this style I've ever seen. It surpasses my family in so many ways.
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I must say, this is probably my favorite monster design in general... amazing work
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That's more my kind of demon!!
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he looks quite similar to nightmares design on soul calibur 3
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that's so badass...I love the pants being pierced through his skin, I've never seen anything like it =P
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