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belts + bat + tigerlilies = Bael.

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vary well done. my favorite yours.
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Nice design!
Nice lineart!And like the colors are well chosen.
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Looks damn awesome! Baal(Bael) is a male demon King though.
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What to stop him form take a female or or host to screw with his or her victims .What to say that demons true defined by gender since they are lower plain being and thrive on dipravity ,corruption ,and evil so not far off to assume that Lucifer or any other Male or female demon might take a form of other gender to corrupt ,manipulate or commit some other evil action.
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this... doesn't seem right....
Damn you Siegfried!!( the Psychologist)
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oh, wow, Lady Gaga ^____^
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amazeing!!!!! It's all your own idea?
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But isn't Bael a man demon?
one of the seven princes of hell?
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lovely . good work
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One of my favvs from your design. Fav!
okay gotta say. where that chain is coming from...ouch!
Good anyways =D
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This is the coolest badassery picture I've seen all week!!
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Sexy~ I love her, she's so cool.
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One word: krass! (means: fucking genius)
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The chain looks like it's coming out of her va jay jay
I need to grow up.
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Shiiiit, that's cool.
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