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Anima: Velvetaire

dont know if there is such a word, wouldnt know what it means....just liked how it sounds

do you think its too sexy(sexual) that i should mark it as mature content? @__@;; thanks in advance

link for wallpaper 1280X960. if you like keeping her face a mystery, dont click link. lol
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Purvis-the-peddler's avatar
Wow. It's very sexy!
Corpsecorps's avatar
Skill is obvious. Just not my cup of tea. I'm usually not big on weird heads or too-concealing headgear on women. Face is where so much expression comes from.
Lunacentille's avatar
The lace. THE LACE!!! :onfire:

Nope. You don't have to mark it as mature content, sir.
CooteDyon's avatar
Its creepy how her boobs are popping out
Daveypuff's avatar
this is such an amazing design :D how long did this take?
neofunface's avatar
hikari-chan's avatar
Definitely not mature content. It certainly is a sexy design, but completely safe otherwise. :)

And damn, that lace, it looks great.
XieLong's avatar
i appreciate very much how you documented the work on this nice piece of art :)
xxScarletdragonxx's avatar
It's very beautiful. I like the clothing design and her armor boots/helmet a lot. Just not a fan of huge boobs though. ^^; Other then that I absolutely LOVE it!
RayCipher's avatar
It's not mature content, everything is covered.
Is her dress magic? I feel like her jubblies will pop out when she moves slightly... XD
Wen-M's avatar
oh, they will pop out, just not on this pic, haha
RayCipher's avatar
Oh dear. Here's hoping she's wearing stickers at least!
Wen-M's avatar
its ok, most people who go face to face with her, have other things to worry about, like their survival. XD
RayCipher's avatar
I must say, I envy her for pulling off the sexy and deadly looks at the same time.
Valach's avatar
very... original... and
somehow she's both pretty and creeping the hell out of me O.o|||
ArtofSilvandar's avatar
no, mature is for sexual content, not just showing a bit of skin :) this is amazing :)
Kitsunake13's avatar
Her design is awesome, and so detailed! WOW!
tarynghost23's avatar
" if you like keeping her face a mystery, dont click link. lol " ~doesn't really wonder what her face looks like but clicks anyways~ x.x she still looks better if i hadn't seen it x.x but don't get me wrong though!!!! she's still pretty!!!! x.x
tarynghost23's avatar
x.x god i feel like i insulted you x.x everytime i say something i feel like i'm being too harsh when i'm really not x.x
Good, we don't need to see her face, just that lush hot damn body of hers!
ktownjeff's avatar
awesome, shes hot
NajikaVampire's avatar
You should put a mature content WARNING, don't block it though :)

THEAltimate's avatar
do u draw ur own paterns or where do u get them?
Maibek's avatar
oh my god. breathtaking.. so detailed. o.o
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