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Anima: Scythes set 1


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All of these scythes are absolutely amazing, I really love the Boiling Glory and the Silver Scythe. These are amazing nice job 👍
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This is so beautiful!
I saw the firey one and my eyes were lead -- spike by spike -- up to the little demon head with flame shooting out of its mouth and said 2 words. "F**k yes." Then I faved it.

Damn good design work! Well done and inventive!
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scythes are awesome!
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I made one of my own I call it the dragon-bone scythe
Thunder-Kite's avatar
is there one for lightning maybe?
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This concept is very good :) , is it ok, i made a model using this concept?
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Is it okay if I can download this image as a reference? I want to model something in 3-D so I got bored search for cool fantasy weapons since my brain can't think of any designs. :)
Omg scythes, my most favourite weapon. especially the three in the middle and my most mastered weapon. This is awsome!
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i have become extremely interested in scythe technique, and using them realistically for battle, and these are truly the most badass styles i have found in my search so far. well done
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Boiling gory is badass.
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that last is strange...
...positively strange
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if I could....i'd choose the Boiling Gory
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it is amazing i love it
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So, scythes for every taste and interests!
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hey : D would it be ok if i use the purple scythe as reference for a drawing? i will give you credit : )
Wen-M's avatar
yup, sure you can
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uuuuuwwaaaaawww!! :D
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I like boiling gory and cerberus of the bloodsea
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This is awesome!
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... awesome.
I luv scythes
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