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Anima: Owlornet

sorry for the lack of update in pass weeks, had a hard time balancing my time schedule XD

is a mix of an owl, hornet and bat.
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Wow.  That's quite the chimera!
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crazy scary good, but looking at it I would think it be more of a falcon than an owl, just sayin


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now thats a chimera
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This is something I wouldn't like to see. Ever.
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if these were real they'd be pretty scary 0.0
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LOVE IT ! Good job !
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oh very unique, never seen anything like it before, good job.
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You should honestly make more hybrids. I demand more! ~<3
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OMG Thank you for uploading this! So inspiring, so fierce and…
I love the background!
amazing work! how big is this creature?
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omg i would freak out if i saw one of those comming my way
Vicious pet !!!
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Man, if I were to see that in reality I'd run screaming...

However, if they're tamable, I want one ^_^
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Wow! This is brilliant, the soft focus background really makes it stand out and the design of the creature is out of this world. I love it!
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Looks more like a falcon than an owl
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wow. Nice Background with this 1. This reminds me alot of another artists interpretation of the mothman. & I love it! All the details in this make it so much better.
I have to say the art you do is amazing, i like the detail and even the art style it seems to be...refined in a way that i don't always get to see.
true!! but baT? it looked like some weird inventions. Of a twisted scientist! well sorry random.
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What a terrifying concept!

0_0 I'd love to have one of these as a pet- on MY side!
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