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Anima: Noth

By Wen-M
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It must have been over a month since I last wrote about our adventure, We were lost in the great plains and struggled to survive the attacks from many creatures.

There was one creature we saw that we did everything to stay far, far away from it. from what we saw, everything that got near it vanished into thin air.

We kept running until that thing was no longer in sight. I am still tired from running so I will write more next time.
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This is honestly one of my favorite pictures ever on dA, and not just for creatures. It's my phone and desktop background, and has been for years. Sadly, though, I can't find any mention, even, of it in the Anima RPG books that I have - where is it? Or has it not been used yet?
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that is a noth 
Noth. A meaningless name for something that should never exist. These entities can not even be called monsters or
nightmares; Things like good or evil are irrelevant to some entities that simply destroy everything in their path. In
more than one sense, the end of everything may exist. The Noth are strange entities that are impossible to
understand or explain. The only thing that can be theorized about them is that they are completely devoid of concepts
or something like a "nature", so they can not be linked to anything. And that is precisely what they are; absolutely
nothing. They could not even be considered vacuum elementals, since even beings like the Etrien Nosos are
conceptually linked to the structure of existence. The Noth, on the other hand, do not respond to any rule or principle,
as if they were absolutely alien to everything.
The Noth are an unstoppable force at an almost divine level. They manifest through vortices in different
places with no apparent relation to each other and swarm without fixed course for a short period of time (never
exceeding half an hour). They perceive the presence of the things that surround them and they approach those that
have a higher existential potential.

there is more to them but that would be alot alot of typing / copying
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I think it appears in the Monster book, which I think have not made it out in English yet. thanks for your comments. =D
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I haven't been able to find it, but thank you.
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They're in the -so far untranslated- "Gaia II"-book.
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Whoops. Sorry for the double-post.
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This is honestly one of my favorite pieces of art on dA. Sadly, though... I can't find even a MENTION of this creature in the Anima RPG. Maybe it'll be in the second creature handbook when it comes out.
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I'd run too. I'd run far far away.
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oooh i think it is somewhat plain below until i realised it is some kind of hand throne, omg this is greaaatt >w<
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This one I simply adore. I love the white beings you're making. The way you shade stuff with white on doesn't make it look like an obvious thing but rather make it really like the real thing. Love Love.
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is this from an onlinegame??? couse id like to join!!! and that thing is AWESOME and scary!!!
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That... is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
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As a student of monster design, I have to say this is one of the best I have _ever_ seen.
Awesome concept.
Your work actually does make me want to buy FF games' Anima: Beyond Fantasy.
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Now THIS I can guess is a final boss kind of creature, it's just so freakish and looks tough. I think of some cosmic horror like Cthulu.
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that is so creepy, yet so freaking awesome at the same time!
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Amazing! very creative concept congratulations. Love the contrast between the redness of the eyes and the white from the body
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can u make me a picture for my character?
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woah...that thing is freaky!!..i love it!!:stupidme:
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So chaotic and fantastic!!
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