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Anima: Katana set 1


man, I am too much in love with katanas lately. =P
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I like the yagura no tachi
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Great design !, I like the swords that you see in the picture, are really powerful and special, but the most special for me at least, is Yagura no Tachi; but at other times I remember seeing the name "Oni Kusetsu". Thanks for sharing, my gives me something special.

Sorry for my poor english, greetings from Argentina.
It's been some time since I saw anyone design scabbards for fantasy blades (not that it's really possible with many of them).
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haha, i know what you mean
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is it okay if i borrow this image from you? I think these gave me the inspiration for a couple of katana pictures I had in mind for a book I'm working on in terms of character design.
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Hey, loving these Katanas. Do you mind taking a request of doing a Katana like the Yagura No Tachi but with dragon style to it? With a kind of red and maroon blend in the scabbard.
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Amazing! I need to use Damascus Uchigatana, Uchigatana Eiji, and Honekazari No Tachi for some pics Im making.
Love the Uchigitana Gin Tsubasa... looks beautiful with the blue and white
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thank you for your comments and support! =D
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o3o amazing Katanas, the Uchigatana Gin Tsubasa is my favourite, its ablilites are amazing @-@
katanas are awesome!
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These are amazing - I wish they could be made into real blades! And as someone who's going into his 2nd year practicing Kendo, I definitely understand what you mean by being "too much in love with Katana." I actually just presented one to my club's Sensei last week as a gift from the team. =D
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i'm drooling here...Uchigatana Gin love...
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wow... just wow
Some of these are real nice. I know the last 2 are most likely cursed weapons but that makes it more awesome.
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Oh man they are awesome!
I cant decide between Yagura or Honekazare...
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Was wondering if I can make a few of these for some costume props. With your permission of course, these would be for personal use not for any form of trade or profit.
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we share this love for katanas :D i don't remember a time in which i wasn't obsessively in love with these blades! <3
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Can you post some translations of the names? Plus are these designed for any particular characters or people? Well done any way, a great and detailed piece

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what do the names mean
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One Word... GORGEOUS!
sesola: love it Katanas are the best sadly they are my forth and the gun is my best...
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