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Anima: Fabricio the Holy Knight

By Wen-M
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this is actually his Alternative colors, he is normally in dark armor. =D i'll upload that in a couple of days

We have the first video of the kickstart project! watch it thru here [link] and let us know what you think =D

please continue to help us spread the word, or back us on kickstarter! thanks so much
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alithking's avatar
Holy knight angry and furios, well done.
I have always enjoyed perusing your artwork, Wen_M. You are one of the best in the biz. I still have that Archangel Michael Print proudly displayed.
Wen-M's avatar
thanks for your continuing support!
zizo200575's avatar
Argema-Brassingtonei's avatar
"Don't mess with me and my ball point pen!"
die-arrea's avatar
Amazing details
MasamunesSong's avatar
nice! He looks like Angeldust Anderson.
FlorenciaAtria's avatar
OMG, all those details!
Garyboyadu's avatar
at last, not a skinny knight :)
Acrylix91's avatar
Really cool. Love the details.
RavenBaraq's avatar
I'm backing you on Kickstarter! :dance: I really hope this project gets funded!
octavariumSK's avatar
Please tell me if this weapon is a Gunlance xP

awesome art, in the game that type of armor is like a Paladin?or something like that? if yes lol cant wait to play Anima \o/
Reechi's avatar
At first I thought he had a medieval rocket launcher :D
flynn1978's avatar
Bitchin'!!! 9_9
pun's avatar
ehehe he looks like a young Ganondorf. =) Love it.
Cuddlemoe's avatar
That is the best RAWR face I have ever seen thus far!!^^ He's all like " I'M GONNA KICK YOU ASS PIP SQUEAK!!!!!DX" LOL^^
IncredulousDogHat's avatar
Looking more like the "stab a hole-y in your gut" knight.
Phoenix001's avatar
Oh man, when this becomes a game! :O I can't wait! :D
Hergman's avatar
love the weapon
HareTrinity's avatar
Wow, that's pretty impressive detail! :o
Dreiks's avatar
epic knight and the game looks great :) I'm looking forward to its release. Sorry that I can't support your project with money, I have to save money for a similar project that I'm leading, but I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will succeed :) I know how hard it is to keep it going :)
Kasai-Yokai's avatar
Dem sideburns! Love it as always.
Crakower's avatar
Awesome details!:D
Ronin-ink's avatar
Son of a bitch ! that's not a lance that's a god damn light pole
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