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Anima: Cordelia


I didn't want to go too elaborate with her dress, just wanted a simple Victorian style. to contrast the dark rifle, white was used and purple for accents.

I quite like the colors choices on her.

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How to be a noble and have a massive canon ready to take a shot at commoners....EPIC! :D
To Wen-M holy bleep what is she hunting and cool pic
RainbowBetta's avatar
I've followed you since I was in high school and you've only gotten better as time goes by. I actually ordered the Cordelia figure and am going to use it for my wedding cake topper. :) Love your art.
chloexlolx's avatar
I love the stark difference between her pretty dress and the beautiful background and the hard gun.
Valkiraun's avatar
That would be a gun. a big gun.
yin-yang-wolves's avatar
i'm so innocent
just taking my gun for a walk
i can't harm you
just come closer
vinvin98's avatar
ShuyinTheEnigmatic's avatar
I would not want to start down the barrel of that thing. Great work.
pretty girl in dress with huge scary gun. How can this be anything but win?
ShadowRyl's avatar
lol yep, my life is almost complete now hohoho.

This kind a remind me one of yamashita shunya art from wild flower. but this is awesome. both of u are awesome. ... I'm hyperactive again .. AWESOME !!!
Innubis's avatar
Awesome gun!
TempestLord-Poseidon's avatar
Look at the size of that thing!!!!!! D:
OVERKILL!!! :dummy: :+fav:
greemu's avatar
i just like everything¡¡ and i mean all picts¡¡
mawenbo's avatar
that really is a magic gun
MinorTechnicality's avatar
I can't stop staring at the gigantic..... flower on her butt. X)
gumdropz's avatar
That's where she hides all her ammo! ;)
MinorTechnicality's avatar
Ha, that's a great way of looking at it!

And wait, is she eating rock candy? :o
Di-Jazz's avatar
victorian style = amazing style!
and the details of that weapon are breath taking!
JonathonFisk's avatar
Nothing says dainty like a MG42.
The-Myster-Man's avatar
That's... A big gun... I wonder what she hunts with it. XD
Latinidiot's avatar
now THAT's a gun
madameraposa's avatar
she looks like shes going for a stroll through the park ...beautiful
i like the detail you put into the weapon and the bacround its beautiful
Elvenwyn's avatar
It's a nice pic. I really like the rifle there, now that's cool.
HollowDestruction's avatar
My reaction to this pic:
Oh, its another pretty girl, I wonder what else is in this pict-HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT GUN!!!
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