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Anima: Celia

Celia, from WissensChaft Faction of Anima world.

Wallpaper: [link]

version with sword sheithed: [link]

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is this anima an online game or what kind of game is it?
it is a rpg like d&d 
RazielSarafan's avatar
And where can i download it?
well thats the problem they dont sell the pdf on sites i trust anymore but the hard covers would be on amazon and the like i believe i got my copies of both of them a long long time ago like 7-8 years ago  
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dat lady )
she very sexy girl )
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:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
blackapple93's avatar
wow that sword is beautiful!!
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She's so sexy!!! I love it!!
DarqTalon-Azel's avatar
Awesome. She looks as if she's like "Don't look at me like that...". Heheheh...
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what kind of sword is that?
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Great work, very beautiful! I have been trying to get you to day a commission art for me of a character. Do you think would have time sometime in June?


I am willing to pay through Paypal.

Let me know by emailing me, please.
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wow she is soooo beautiful...i kind of would like to see more of her.
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Geez this picture is amazing she is pretty, and superhot and I live all the detail on her clothing (where she has it of course :) ) Sometimes the simplest Photoshop effects and texture appliances can deliver greater effects :D
they put the mature content on it for THAT? That's nothing!

Taunt me at your peril
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she has no nibbles…I mean she's wearing that piece of clothe but…she has no nipples, you'd be able to see the one on the right (looking at her, left if you are her) most definitely

Not that I'm one to correct you on anatomical correctness…but…she has no nipples…
i liked this because its simple but wither way i like everything bout girls not because im a pervert its just im fond of em
I don't know why but I find this picture really hot.
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hey!! una pirata, buen trabajo :)
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
Awww!! Did you have to draw her tying that?
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How does she walk around w/ all those swords ?
I ain't denying the hotness thou lol gr8 artistic skills m8 !
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