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Anima: Abyss Devour

After a long battle we defeated the Golem, and inside one of his horns from the head we found a key to a door in the forest, we went through it and entered yet another ruined area, but this looks even more ancient than the ones above.

It's a rather dark enviroment, but the air was not stuffy at all, it feels almost just as if we were above ground.

We were looking for the exit when we spot this dark creature pacing back and forth in the other room, it was like a moving shadow but very chaotic and menacing, Our spell casters were still tired from the last battle, so instead of going into battle we all agreed to avoid him and move on.
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Ohhhh terrifying...! XD Neato monster! :D
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ho lee schitt, amazing
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But one of Nezperidia's Denizens.
abyss is sonic's most hated enemy, heas a murderer during that time. In 2089, abyss began to kill more people tha he even wanted , tht i to collect blood and to place it into his blood jar, to reveal his true form, but later, as he was about to escape with all the blood trapped in the jar, he suddenly tripped , fell of the bridge, and landed on the highway, and bloodwas splattered all over the road, and finally, abyss was defeated.
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The smooth blackness of it is amazing, great highlights!
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Great piece! Love your artwork, you're totally amazingly talented. Love this monster, looks like the result of pouring liquid steel over a swirling clot of deadly demon spirits and letting it harden.
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OMFG I am in love with your creature designs :D!!! They are amazing! I only wish I could put my creatures in such illustrations though I am only experienced with free-draw pecil illustrations. I love the colors and details in all of your illustrations!!
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its great, and the story makes it look creepier
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I cleaned under my bed and found two of these, I think they were trying to start a colony or something.
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Looks like a lvl 80++ monster! T_T scary
Really love this one! :O
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this looks like a Chaos Spawn from warhammer fantasy.
nice work.
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Have a watch you awesome person you
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I wonder if golden skulls taste good. But more so I wonder how you do it. My God this shit is amazing.
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-_-;; your patience to put in all that detail is amazing. Do you ever get half way through and start wearing down from it? It really shows -- the amount of effort and work you put into all of these images. You're either very gifted or very disciplined.

*shifts anxiously* That's supposed to be a compliment from me; I hope it comes across as one.
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ur just amazing!
i just have to fav this!~ :heart:
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oh love the colors of this little cutie.
and likes the sidestories alot :)
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cool and disturbing
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meow=awsome ^^
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that must have taken forever to do the texture!
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amazing. like all your work. Instant fav
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