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Anima: A goddess of nature


happy holidays~

keep warm, be well, be nice, care more, stress less <3

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Amazing art work! 
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this brings fantasy to a level beyond my imagination [link] this si simply god like
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i love the colors!
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It's not nice to fool mother nature....
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just super amazing <3
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is this the Beryl Gabriel? :3 (Or something like that, I don't have the book with me atm) >>
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mmm, looks like her, but this is a goddess of nature =D and to answer to your question about the character maker, i will ask my boss =D
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Thank you~

My Anima group will be watching you~ So keep it up.

FYI: Because of the Beryl and Elans, my 4 foot mage has been constantly seeking seeds and planting it random, all over the place in all hope for more Elan.. xD
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Your use of color is always just extraordinary. :)
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<£ special heart!
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LOVE YOUR WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3
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very nice, looks very serene
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The design is so fitting for a Goddess. :D And those details, WOAH. :clap:
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Oh, such beautiful Lily of the Valleys... <3
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I like how the sharp planes of shapes really contrast with the more fluffy, organic qualities such as her hair, the fur, or the flowers. Excellent work!
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Finally, some nice artwork with lily of the valleys!
I wanted to find good images of them to work into a tattoo..but gave up as I couldn't.
Too bad this wasn't around back then :)
Now, if the other flowers are morning glory's, then you got both my birth month flower, and my Mom's. Even better! ;)
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she's stunning! :)
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Great piece of work.
Thanks for sharing...
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awesome :) Great color, very exciting :)
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