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On The Other Side of the World
On The Other Side of the World
The sun is shining on the other side of the world.
Whilst grey cloud loom above our heads,
The locals wait on sun-kissed beaches
Awaiting the afternoon.
The winds are howling on the other side of the world.
They clutch at everything within their path
And bend trees until they snap.
The locals from the beach seek shelter,
They find little and brace themselves the best they can.
Rain is falling on the other side of the world.
Twenty-two thousand sleep a never ending sleep
As the cities lay finally quiet.
A child walks from the remnants of her dead parent’s house,
Without guidance or sustenance she wanders the empty streets.
People are dying on the other side of the world.
:iconwelzi:welzi 2 0
Mr. Silly by welzi Mr. Silly :iconwelzi:welzi 0 0
Venice in Decline
We walked side by side
In the parade
Toward the end of earth
Toward the end of time
And while I leaped down that cliff face
You chose to stay behind
And now that you have failed
To save this world from death
Come join me in the ether
Within the Void That Binds
We'll make memories our lifeblood
Our histories a sign
And use our collective feelings
To generate new life-
Using shared intelligence
We'll grow ourselves new wings
And fly to the ends of the galaxy and human understanding
:iconwelzi:welzi 0 0
Screenshot 07 by welzi Screenshot 07 :iconwelzi:welzi 0 0
In Animation
I cut my nails with a razor, this morning.
Just for the thrill of the cut of the blade,
Without the inconvenience of a scar.
Each new cut felt like:
"Hello darkness my old friend."
And yet with each slip of the edge,
I knew I meant myself no harm.
I spent a moment turning the blade,
Expecting it to snarl, or smirk, or goad.
But it just sat there inanimate and useless
Refusing to take the bait.
Yes; you heard: I called you useless
You lifeless piece of metal.
"I'm so inanimate you're shouting at me"
His steely face scorned back.
I pushed him quickly away
Before he could mock me more
And sat in the half-light, brooding until dawn
How one year of weakness
Has led me to a lifetime in animation.
:iconwelzi:welzi 0 2
dAID 2006 by welzi dAID 2006 :iconwelzi:welzi 0 4 The Da Vinci Clones. by welzi The Da Vinci Clones. :iconwelzi:welzi 0 3
Subtract the Insincerity
Eyes pearl white are staring through me
An obvious yearning for the horizon burns on your fingertips
So for the last time
Say 'I love you' with fingers crossed tight behind your back
Then relay me 'The Theory of the Not Meant to be"
In a series of photo excerpts from your daily diary
Leave my blood, with no destination, still coursing through my veins
In my years I have often fallen for the unattainable
But the hope of a brighter tomorrow
And an already broken promise of fulfilment will hold me in town
And should my absence ever press greater than the sum of your parts
I will piece you back together at the cost of another promise of forever
:iconwelzi:welzi 2 3
The Sound Track To Your Summer
Please come with me
For long walks on short piers
Please join me
In a slow and spinning fall
Hold on tightly
As the water fills your lungs
Let go lightly
As reality gives way to memory
Are you willing to live an existence
Of nothing but grey skies?
Of foaming waves, breaking like hearts on shores
I'd buy you roses
I'd kiss your neck
But the true test of devotion
Is whether I'd give my life for you
:iconwelzi:welzi 0 12
This Isn't A Dizzy Spell
Bus Ride.
Board Meeting.
Are you happy in that collar?
Or just growing hot under it
Are you content with your suit?
Or would you like a change?
Because clubs are for beating
And hearts are for breaking
Diamonds are for insincerity
And spades for digging your own grave
Corporate Robot
Pension Scheme
Each passing hour, age a generation
Wires replacing arteries
Heart beating to company motto
Tattoo of the logo the forehead
-bend you eyes back to see its lines
Don't worry that the room is spinning
And ignore that nauseous feeling in your throat
This isn't just a dizzy spell
This is growing up
:iconwelzi:welzi 0 2
Did I Say I Love You?
You're avoiding me I can tell
Phone calls and answering machines
Messages left at three in the morning
You needed someone to love
But I gave myself to you
When you wanted someone to hate
I know not your dark secrets
Which you hide behind tear-filled eyes
My self-esteem is not a prominent figure
In the politics of my heart
Taking a back seat with compassion
I am ruled over by apathy
With his queen rejection on his arm
I rather let go
Than stay around and be forgotten
And these are my last words to you
On the door-step of your house
"Stay true to your feelings" -as I turn and walk your street
I can take a hint
That I'm not too fun to be around
So I'll follow stars till sunrise
And leave you with run of the town
:iconwelzi:welzi 0 1
Our Lives
In a state
Where mentioning the "L" word might get me killed
So into each other
We part with mutual gestures of good will
I wonder if this was my one night of happiness
And if it is; even depression couldn't burn me cold
So I close my eyes
And see your silhouette; a statue on the horizon
Each step in the opposite direction
Keeps me the same distance from you
Some centrifugal force keeping me close
A section of my memory, keeping me from forgetting you
I visit your monument. I see you time and again
Each time we meet there's a passing of hands under shirts
A tracing of skin around waists
An awe encompassing embrace
And now our meetings are more frequent
And end with the pressing of wet lips
Now, let's call the Sun and tell him to take the day (week, month, year, forever) off
I'll throw water on his flames, for twenty-four more with you
So call all the angels
And tell them to stock-pile there halos
Heaven sounds fun
But we've decided
We like it better, together, down here on earth
:iconwelzi:welzi 1 7
His Shadow Offering Solace
Bracelets and badges
Watches and pins
Strewn across her floor
Like autumn leaves
Cd's, photographs
Cassettes and books
Litter her shelves
Like the wrappers on main street
With her parents out of town
There is little more to do
There are no lights
Entering the room
With his shadow offering solace
She rises from her corner
And falls into his arms
Knowing what she spent her evening searching for
Was with him all along
:iconwelzi:welzi 0 13
The Moon From Its Vantage
I've watched you from afar
Since the night we drove home in separate cars
Each time we met not knowing how to approach
And each time seeing the puzzlement in your eyes
Our mutual silence pulling at both our souls
But tonight we meet with only one car
For tonight we play for keeps
And as the moon hits the whites of your eyes
Shining yellow on mine as I stare right back at you
I think of this love which we have kept encased
Which instead of dying
Only grew stronger over time
And the way your lips press against mine
Under the cold February sky
Tell me that as long as the moon lurks behind those clouds
You'll always be by my side
:iconwelzi:welzi 0 1
I Am So Scene by welzi I Am So Scene :iconwelzi:welzi 1 2 I Am So Emo It Hurts by welzi I Am So Emo It Hurts :iconwelzi:welzi 0 12

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welzi here
United Kingdom
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Too many false starts, the account was never really every going to get going again, I'm going for a fresh start over at :iconstaticastheclouds: Check it out!


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