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Solo Mid Mecha Kha'Zix

By Welterz
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2013 © Welterz
All rights reserved.
My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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© 2013 - 2021 Welterz
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GAMERxSMURF's avatar
welterz are you the original artist of these lovely piece of art?
This is really good, could you make this with zed? :)
u could make a jungle kha :D
hissori27's avatar
Nice Work, Can You Make SOLO TOP Rengar ?? Please :)
Minte27's avatar
amazing work :)
Necroaster's avatar
can you make one with zyra mid lane?
Can you make one of this with Swain instead? Pleaseeeeeeee! :D
Can you make a SOLO MID with Anivia pls ? :D

Btw nice work !!
Nice! Love these, but can you do a Solo Mid Fizz? I main fizz, i just absolutely love him. Thanks!
TrufflesAvocado's avatar
Nice wallpaper, I typically rumble mid or other AP's, but when I do go AD, I spring for Kha'Zix.
yehoshua2123's avatar
It would be awesome to see Malzy like this "Push. PUSH. PUUUUUUSH."
Rokusz's avatar
If it's not problem i use this picture to my offline logo on stream... also add a Credit to your deviantArt link to my page.
Welterz's avatar
Yeah np man :)
Rokusz's avatar
can u do one with ahri plz :)
solo top with kha please?
I hope you will find some time to make one with kassadin, this kha looks great :)
Inorieiei's avatar
can i have talon solo mid ?
Inorieiei's avatar
nvm sorry i dont see
awesome job,could you do some zed one?
The-Artifactician's avatar
Can you do a Solo Top Elise please? Thank you! :)
BramStark's avatar
I'm looking forward for a solo top Elise version too, the Solo top jayce's description doesn't really fit her..
Pola-Araneae's avatar
Could you make an ap mid like Fizz, Lux, ... ?
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