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This is f***ing beautiful. This is f***ing beautiful. This is f***ing beautiful. This is f***ing beautiful. This is f***ing beautiful. ...

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PART ONE: The Plan
It’s been two weeks since I played Doki Doki Literature Club. I am still dealing with the depression and existentialism that game gave me. So, I decided to create a portal into the laptop. I did research and I’m pretty sure I know the ingredients I need: uranium, two car batteries, sodium, chlorine, milk, 4 clamps, and 40000000000000 volts of electricity (Don’t ask how I got the items. I don’t need to be chased by the CIA). So, I start assembling the portal. I started up the portal and I decide to go into other videogames to grab some items I might need. List of things I got:  Minecraft (Ender Pearls), Arkham Knight (Batman’s Utility Belt, Grappling Hook, Needles Of Venom), Gmod (Matter Gun), Fallout (PipBoy), Portal (Portal Gun). When I went into the DDLC universe (or game whatever you want to call it) I feel from the sky. I must have been 1200 feet in the air. So, I decide to throw an ender pearl so I wouldn’t die when I hit the ground. When I teleported to the ground. I started to have a nose bleed. Forgot you took a bit of damage when you throw and ender pearl. I decided to go to Sayori’s house first. When I got there, I saw Monika on a computer trying mess with Sayori’s mood. I was in a dark room. It looked like it was Sayori’s kitchen. “Monika” I said. “You don’t have to do this I can bring you into my world. I’m here for you.” “Oh, thank god Welshy (yes, that is what I named my character). you found a way to get to me” she said as she sprung up to give me the warmest of hugs. “I’m here for you” I said. “Where is everyone else?” I asked. “There at school” she said. We went to the school to get Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri. “What are we going to tell them?” she asked. So, I told her that I’m going to say, “I have a portal gun and you guys can hang out with me and Monika if you want in another dimension.” But if that doesn’t work I’m just going to tell them the truth. When we got there, I saw Yuri and Natsuki complaining. “Oh, hi guys. They are just having a little argument.” Sayori said all sweaty and nervous and not knowing what to do.  “MANGA IS LITERATURE!”  Natsuki shouted. “Okay maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s good literature” Yuri replied. “Hey guys Welshy has this really cool portal gun” Monika said interrupting their little dispute. “I was going to use it to go to another dimension. And maybe we could all hang out” I said. “Really?” asked Sayori all happy. “No, they don’t. That’s impossible I showed them the portal gun and they stared at it in surprise. I saw their eyes light up.  “There is obviously something you’re not telling us Welshy” said Natsuki in her bossy tone. “Fine” I said. “All of you are people in a game and I came here to rescue you”. “Wait Monika, did you know about this?” Sayori asked. I replied with something that they could understand. “Knew about it and she was going through so much psychological pain. She didn’t want to tell you because she didn’t want you to experience what she was experiencing.” I didn’t know at first if they were mad at Monika, but then they started to realize why she didn’t tell them. “Does that mean we aren’t real?”  Yuri asked in a panicking voice. “You are real to me. And all of you will be my best friends.” I said. “And plus, once you come to my reality you will be real to everybody else.” It was tough trying to get them through there existential crisis but I think I did it. But before I did anything else I heard a screeching sound. I saw the void eating up everything in its path. Their world was about to die.

PART TWO: The escape

“Crap we were talking too long” Monika shouted. We all bolted out the door. “The portal is this way follow me” I said. I was blasting the matter gun while running and jumping to the portal. I saw Natsuki struggling to get on each platform. “Natsuki you don’t need th-” “MANGA IS LITERATURE!”  Natsuki shouted. She lost her balance and fell off the platform. Without thinking I jumped to get her. When I grabbed her in my arm I took the grappling gun I had and shot at the platform. We got there so fast that when my leg hit a platform that was underneath the one I was aiming for, the bone snapped in half. “Oh my god Welshy! Are you okay?” asked Yuri in shock. “FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” I screamed. “I’m so sorry Welshy” said Natsuki felling responsible for what happened. “Don’t worry about it Nats” I said. I knew she was kind of reasonable for what happened but I didn’t really care at the moment. The void was catching up to us. “What are we going to do” Sayori asked. I turned on my PipBoy everything paused except for me. I thought for about ten minutes. I looked at my inventory and I found a solution. I got out four harnesses. I gave one to Yuri, Sayori, Monika, and myself. I got out a rope and tied each of the harness together. I tied the rope around Natsuki and the injected her with venom. With the venom, she was a whole lot stronger and faster. She bolted to the portal while I shot the matter gun. We all flew out of my laptop. The laptop the disappeared out of existence. “Well I’m glad you aren’t trapped anymore. Oh, by the way Nats the venom should wear off in five minutes” I said. “Thank you so much Welshy” they all said. “If you guys want I can make you a house with the matter gun so you won’t be homeless” I offered. “Do you mind if we make it near you house, so we can…you know hang out?” Sayori asked. “Of course, not” I said, “After all, that is why I rescued all of you, so we can be real friends.” Thank you Welshy for getting me and my friends out of there. And thank you for stopping me from doing something I would regret” said Monika. “No need to thank me. The club being real is all I needed” I said. I watched them choose their color scheme and house model. “Monika, are you not going to make a house?” I asked. “I think I would actually want to live at your place if that’s okay with you” she said. I decided to let her live with me since I don’t really have any friends apart from the Literature Club. And I would hate to reject her after all the psychological pain she’s been through. “You can live with me” I said. Her eyes light up with joy and she gives me the warmest hug. “I’m always here for you.”


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