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Time for another journal entry.

I abhor Trump, I abhor everything he's doing, I abhor the moves he's making, I abhore the people he's giving power to. I loathe all of it. My heart is breaking, has broken, breaks every day and every time I read more news from America.

If you donate to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NRDC, Southern Poverty Law Center, and a few other organisations that are very important right now, I'll draw you a mandala. 

Full details on my Facebook page: [link]

Hi all!

I see I've had a bunch of new visitors overnight - welcome everyone, and thank you so much for downloading my illustrations! I hope you enjoy colouring them <3

I wanted to share a project I launched yesterday. I'm crowdfunding an adult colouring book. You can see the project here - - even if you don't or can't contribute, please share the link with your friends! <3 Thank you!!