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Risen - Among The Dead


“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”
~ Luke 24:5 NIV

Inspired by the movie Risen (2016).
I decided to enter this piece into the Free Choice Comp 2 Challenge by :icongraphicallysound: in hopes that more people might get a chance to check out this amazing film. Whether you are religious or not, it has a lot of heart and isn't the typical campy Christian movie. It really gets you thinking.
Contest update: This piece ended up in a three-way tie for Fan Favorite with two other amazing pieces (made by one of my good friends and another whose work I adore) Saturate My Soul and Demons! :D

Light Rays

Character/Misc. images from Bing Creative Commons, edited together in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

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This is awesome.

I really liked Risen... Though it wasn't exactly all I thought it'd be. The liberties they took with the writing kinda surprised me, but at least nothing in the movie contradicts the Gospels. A great insight as to what people must've been thinking at the actual time of the Resurrection, in any case. Infinitely better than Noah, not quite as good as Woodlawn.
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Thank you! :D
I'm glad you like it and the movie! I'm with you on that it took liberties but, like you said, thankfully it doesn't contradicts the Gospels! I was happy with how true they stayed to the culture and just the feel, I think they captured that really well and I liked the fictional look through an unbelievers eyes. Hmm, I haven't heard of Woodlawn so thank you for the suggestion and I will check it out! :D
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You're welcome!

Woodlawn is the true story of a revival in one of the first high schools to integrate African Americans with whites and how football legend "Touchdown" Tony Nathan rose to fame through his faith. The fact that it's based off an event that nobody will dispute the legitimacy of is only one of the reasons I love it so much…

It's also the only movie to ever bring me to tears. ^^;
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Oh, that does sound like a great movie! I will definitely have to check it out :D
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Ahhh!! :excited: this turned out amazing! :clap:
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Ahh, thank you! Tight Hug 
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