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Mojito Warriors
Mojito Warriors.
I wonder if the brawl was a free-for-all
or if there were unions and teams?
Did Vincent fight alongside Autumn
Or did she make him add to the screams?
(If he fought her - by accident - he'd probably hit her once and himself seven times.)
Did the guns unite to achieve their aim
and strong arm the others into line?
Or did Roddy battle the Evil schemer
as she, into his eyes, drips lime?
(She would)
Ursula is held back by noble Max
to avoid her learning new stunts
Mis Monster is thankful for his tact
so she doesn't face the girls' parents!
Whoever won we'll never know
but the lady got her Mojito!
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 1
Morning full
A morning full of action wild
Leads to a narcoleptic child.
Burning energy fast and loose
Drained the charge of Bud's youth
but Sydney doesn't seem to mind.
Innocent fun doesn't get her fined.
She's enjoying these last summer days,
When Bud goes out and quietly plays.
Soon he'll return to his great  school - 
Where anarchy and chaos always rule.
Bud wins when play doesn't cause trouble.
That's what he'll get for breaking mom's peace bubble...
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 1 3
Tiff's cracked by Sky's paint palaver
and the old Gran act is slipping
as green slides down the wall like slime
Tiff's screen is finally dripping
away into the classic Precocious font.
Sky has won her horrid little battle
against the creature in Tiff's skin.
She's fought to get her daughter back
and forgot the cost of not giving in.
The devil you get's not one you want
We may now be seeing the childish Tiff
return and decorate the room.
It's about time she was fought back
and her 'change' gets the broom.
The cast is back.  Tiff's the artist savant.
Tiffany & Sky Et appear in Precocious by Chrispy Paulsen.  Illegal use will see Tiff lower your house value by 'decorating' it with fire.
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 3
Psyche or Punch?
The strain is beginning to tell
As Tiff puts her mom through hell
This will end with therapy
A subject Joseph knows well
He appears at a convenient time
to borrow crayons?  A sublime
councillor, trained in mad clarity,
with him she just might be fine.
Granny Tiff is breathing fire,
subjecting Sky to her old ire
and messing with her mentally.
To her nan, Tiff does aspire
but she's maybe going too far?
Sky'll strike like a shooting star.
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 3
The power's in the old ladys' wig,
And, without it, she's more herself.
The question is...  Is this news big
Or just a lie to be put on a shelf?
She's cantankerous and cuddly,
This ladybird of doom.
She's someone fast, smart and deadly;
her smile thrills the room.
How long this will last we don't know
At least she'll have the wig to show
she's been around on her travels
and, now she's back?  Sky's sanity unravels
Precocious and the characters in it all belong to Chrispy Paulsen.  Illegal use will see Sky's mom move in with you.
(Poeming on an E-Reader is hard)
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 1
There's a new book to consult
in Sky's clean waiting room.
She's bought it fresh to replace
the one tiff sent to its' doom.
Now Granny Tiffany peruses
to diagnose her wonderful sister.
What lethal condition can she
make from this innocent blister?
She's a special crazy kind of girl
is our colourful little granny.
As crazy as Sky and her family
and, if you ask Gene, he'll agree.
She's waiting to be told to come back.
Driving Sky up the wall is her knack.
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 3
Sky's little mom is driving her crazy
even down to the cooking skill.
It's almost as though she's calling her lazy
she's certainly sapping her will
The impression of the mother
extends beyond the normal strife
as she seeks to carve butter...
Is she safe to handle that knife?
Grandma Tiffs' face is sublime
as the little Tiff peeks through;
revealing herself from time to time.
What's she really getting up to?
How long can she keep up this masquerade?
How long is this game to be played?
Tiff and Sky appear in Precocious by Chrispy Paulsen.  Use her illegally and Tiff will bring a knife to your place...
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 1 9
The strangest move in Chess
is the one where Pawn takes Queen
it's the one where one player lets
the pawn sneak up unseen.
Ursula strikes and wins the day
by banishing the cold, dark night
with her power innocent warmth -
evil cannot even put up a fight.
Wit Di-Va melted like a witch
the others seize their only chance
and sweep across the board
She's distracted, nobles!  ADVANCE!
Ursula, Dionne and the others all belong to Chrispy Paulsen.  Illegal usage will result in Ursula 'distracting' you.
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 1 4
Darkness falls wherever she is around
as she stalks her prey from the night time shroud.
She stalks silently, wisely and deadly,
relentlessly seeking disaster found
in the wake of the mangled, dead, see-saw.
She struck in the Mylytant dyversyon
and engaged in Di-vish destruction
Annihilating the poor swings
and the rest that wasn't already done.
Black heart and feared red blood lines
do not hide the truth of her evil crimes
Her smile reveals the pointed ,killer, teeth.
Her plan reveals the sign of the times.
They can take the blame for the park
that she (and Vincent) destroyed for a lark.
For the lakers, things won't be the same
as the parents lock them in... after Dark...
Illegal usage of Chrispy Paulsen's 'Precocious' characters will see him sic Dionne, the 'Heart of Darkness' do to you what she did to that swing...
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 1 2
With the Mylytant Moth boxed
and carried aloft as queen,
Roddy shows them outfoxed
and states they've always been...
the target of evil.
Di-Va knew all, you see?
She planned the trap all along
SHE nabbed No-See-Um
and set up despairs song...
She sent Suzette.
With Her unknowing Moth
ready on the board
she sent in Le Chat Noir
to ensure Discord...
With Max to be civil.
Roddy cons them all
and sets Suzette to fight,
to act as distraction
for the lady of the night...
Di-Va does not forget.
She'll hit Jacob the first
and scare the A away
before dealing with Doc
They suffer as she'll play...
Diamond level evil
All assembled fighters
Leave dirtier than clean.
All except for Vincent
He's gone to get Ice Cream!
It's the smart bet.
All the character in Precocious belong to Chrispy Paulsen.  You don't want to know what Di-Va will do if you don't show his work the correct respect...
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 1
The Mylytant Moth's in a total rage
but Hu, unconcerned, merely flips the page
to read of the latest heroic antic
as the boys around her run in panic.
Target man rushes into the battle
to help his friends and test her mettle
as the Meddler runs off to the distance -
he's fought her but took his chance
to leave the scene buttus intactus
as Suzette's mad enough to thump Galactus.
After all, the big guy IS a dude
and right now? She's in the foulest mood...
The boys should run and keep on running
Watch out you slowest! Suzette's coming!
Precocious and all it entails belong to Chrispy Paulsen.  Illegal usage will see the Mylytant Moth introduce her shield to your face.
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 2
Roddy now feels more rejected
as he tries on suit after suit
and the one that they selected
looks like a refresher to boot.
So now he's known as the meddler
and he looks like a rainbow fruit.
They stole the kit off a pedlar
and gave it to him to be 'cute'.
Max is also playing with fire
as he threatens to raise the ire
of the Mylytant Mosqyto Moth.
The gentle giant may incur wrath....
So Roddy's gone and got a fight
by holding a Mosquyto Moth to the light.
He's discovered her 'hidden' secret
and it's a thing he will regret.
The gun shall fire at the Battlin' Biter
as they squabble over the better fighter
None of the others would dare interfere
or the fight becomes a battle right here.
They'd be better off taking a bat
on which is the hardest kid yet.
The Meddling Roddy's a dangerous threat
to the fist of the Femynyst Suzette!
Roddy, Suzette, Max and all their alter egos belong to Precocious creator Chrispy Paulsen.  Usage wit
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 2
And now a new tension rises
as a couple of surprises
make themselves known
Roddy and the Hench Man appear,
only one in their villain gear
where's the power on the bone throne?
Roddy wants a new villain name
Le Chat Noire's no longer the game
and they've left Di-va all alone?
Would he like to be 'the penguin'
or 'The midnight fighter' therein
with the estate his elected zone?
Will they help the pair out or not?
Will either choice advance the plot?
Do bad names hurt like stick and stone?
Roddy may well soon find that out...
Someone may end up with a clout.
Roddy and Max appear in precocious by Chrispy Paulsen.  Use legally because you don't want Roddy crossing your path...
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 3
So little No-See-Um had enough
and stormed off in a total huff
But will she get revenge? You bet.
On those who offended she sicced Suzette!
The Mylytant Moth doesn't look happy
in this outfit. She's soon gonna get slappy
and will probably bite the Scarlet A
when asked on powers. and, from far away,
Yvette watches and grins at her, revenged
(as does Frida who was also avenged.)
as the punisher punishes the bad
and Suzette works off her mad...
Suzette and the rest of her vic...  friends appear in Precocious by chrispy Paulsen.  Use her without permission and the Emerald biting thrasher will attack.
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 1
She's convinced them to gift her info
with all the dedication of a gifted pro.
There's one she hasn't yet got though...
Guess Hu?
Vincent can't do calm and concentrate.
Quincy states his hate for bad vocab is great.
There's only one who remains inviolate...
Guess Hu?
Autumn's so intent on recording the details
of the group around her that currently entails
the faults of all bar one. On ONE she fails...
Guess Hu?
The Copper clan leader remains a mystery
and will, even when this lesson is history,
still be able to claim her own side's victory.
Guess Hu!
Kaitlyn and her crew appear in Precocious and Copper Road by Chrispy Paulsen.  Use them illegally and Hu knows what she'll do?  
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 0 1
No-see-um's a major skilled stalker
with a penchant for little Ursula.
She's sneakier than any known talker -
except Scarlet A who deems to pull her
into the open.  Moth power fail
is fury somewhat beyond the pail
Yvette will make the Scarlet A quail
as she attacks the little Fox-tail
The brawl may not be secret or silent
as our moth and the bandit get violent.
Stealth bookworm battles library science
and both of them will stand defiant.
Yvette, though, has a talent to creep...
Moths get in bedrooms when you're asleep...
Yvette, Ursula and Autumn (Scarlet A) are regulars in Precocious by Chrispy Paulsen.  Illegal usage will see Autumn and the Pawn attacking you.  It won't see Yvette destroying your PC...
:iconwelsh-halfwit:welsh-halfwit 1 2


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