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Grass Arrow Strike Decidueye shirt design by SarahRichford
[YCH Complete] Pokemon Go -  Plushmii by ForeverRoseify
Bubble Popp - Shirt design by SarahRichford
Kanto Pokemon Folder 3
Eevee Chibi by DoveyDraws
Jolty! by RayFloret
My Little Eevee 1 Los Inicios by Mishiro89
Request - Sofia the Vaporeon by mimikibi
Kanto Pokemon - 1st Gen Folder 2
Bulbasaur Watercolor and paint by Espeon9488
Mew by AnettRuby
Indian Outlaw by SpiritedLittlePony
Zubat origami  by marakiO
Johto Pokemon- 2nd Gen
Wobbuffet origami by marakiO
Cyndaquil by Bassamii
(OLD) Andy by HotRodMario8
Ode to Joy: Chapter 2 by trainer-mana
Hoenn Pokemon- 3rd Gen
Whiscash origami by marakiO
Steven Stone Pokemon Team by Puswi
Future Smashers Candidate #10: Sceptile by GameArtist1993
A Pool of Water by Iffondrel
Sinnoh Pokemon- 4th Gen
Blossom Baby! by RayFloret
Buizel Laughing by PokeDeviant2000
Shaymin by FoxinOrbit
Fire Monkeys by DJ95code-hope
Unova Pokemon- 5th gen
Snow birches by Blooming-Lynx
Zoruby by Blooming-Lynx
Request - Zorua by mimikibi
Reshi-Reshi Pattern by Pilami42
6th generation Pokemon
Espurr Gracie! by RayFloret
Hawluch and Talon. by CathyNoire
Braixen! by FoxinOrbit
Shiny Bunnelby by ShinyhunterF
Alola Gen 7
Aurora by Blooming-Lynx
golden beach by vireosy
[COMM] Steenee Goes Dynamax by introvertnacho
Primarina by FoxinOrbit
Galar Gen 8
Scorbunny Chibi by DoveyDraws
Nickit by AlphaGuilty
Morning running by Blooming-Lynx
My Pokemon team by Bluegirl123456
Groups and Mixed Generations
Emolga and Phanpy Colouring Scene by Puswi
Groups and Mixed Generations 2
Pass the Ball by PauliinaP
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Mega Charizard X by XUhuruX
Fan Made Pokemon- Fakemon
Psyfetch'd (Psyduck + Sirfetch'd Fusion) by albrt-wlson
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Pokemon Raihan - Lick by T-M-Wolf
Original Trainers
Trainer Card - Mauve by Desinho
Pokemon Gijinkas and Anthros
Swall the Swellow by Jo-Vee-Al
Leon :: Pokemon Twilight Wings Stamp by DawnRedd
One Little Paw, Chapter 8 Season 1CHAPTER 8: What... Is My True Life? Jake looks at the book he was reading, reaching over and patting down the feathers on his wings, he sighs, closing the book and sitting up, he looks around the garden he was in for something.He goes over to a cabinet made from carved rocks, housing several snacks of many varieties, Jake drools slightly and grabs the sugariest shack on the shelf, he grins, looking around to check for anyone and goes back over to where he was sitting and digs into the sugary snack. He smiles and continues reading,Suddenly he hears someone walk into his abode of a room, Jake's ears quickly perk up and he hides the snack under his wing and turns towards who walked in. Jake laid his eyes upon a lugia, “o-oh hey mom!” Jake says innocently, the lugia sighs. “Jake why are you in here?” they ask, Jake smiles, “i- er came in here to read! See!” He holds up the book. Lugia sighs, “Jake lift up your wings” Jake goes slightly pale trying to think of a backup plan instantly, L̴̫͐̔ú̶̥͇͐g̴̯͙̽́i̵̢͙͓͆ḁ̷̱̠̅̋-Choco sighs, going over and picking Jake up, gently lifting up his wings and the snacks falling out. “Noooo” Jake whines, Choco sighs, setting Jake down and picking up the snacks “Jake you need to share these shacks with your brother, but since there is only half left I'm giving the rest to him. Jake sits down in guilt and embarrassment, Choco walks out with the snack, Jake lies down, sighing and getting back to reading…Something odd peaked at his interest though… a… magenta crystal at his side… he touches it and. . . Jake keeps walking in the forest, the gloom looming above his intent growing ever since… he looks down at his hands and keeps walking, his legs starting to ache. He pulls the knife out of his pocket and keeps going… being weary… Around 10 minutes later he comes across an eevee, he looks down at the eevee with the cold stare in his eyes… the eevee jumps at Jake, Jake slashes up his knife, slitting the eevees neck upwards. The eevee falls back, wriggling in pain, Jake strikes down, shoving the knife into the eevees face and the end comes out the other side of the eevees head… Jake sighs, dropping the eevee off the knife and keeps walking…His yellow eyes glowed… he keeps walking.. The autumn hue of the leaves seemed to change from golden to orange as he kept walking. . . he soon stumbled upon a cave… “A place to stay at least…” he mutters under his breath and goes inside of the cave… he bites his lip as he keeps going, he soon lays his eye upon something shiny in the wall of the cave… a crystal… he reaches out for it and. . . Jake's eyes shoot open with shock, he holds his head as the flurry of… visions he just had still swirled within his head… suddenly out of nowhere a red crystal chain shoots at his face, Jake sees it, suddenly becoming fully alert and quickly throwing his head back and dodges the spike by mere inches… Jake stands up, fully alert, his eyes dashing from side to side looking around the black void, he hears a deep male chuckle and turns towards it to see a crystal sylveon appear, Jake grits his teeth and steps back.The sylveon smiles, looking at Jake and then summoning a spear tip attached to a chain in front of them and grabs it with their crystal feelers. They lunge forward at Jake, trying to jab at him with the spear tip, Jake falls back trying to dodge, the creature tries to stab him while he is down but Jake rolls to the side just in time. Jake pants slightly, standing up and backing up more “w-who are you?!” Jake demands, they just smile, and throw the chain at Jake, Jake tries to dodge but the chain manages to wrap around his back paw, Jake yelps as he is yanked back by the chain and thrown into the ground. Jake feels his chest get crushed by the sheer force of being smashed into the ground, Jake yells in pain, Looking at the crystal sylveon, tears starting to fall down his cheeks... Jake looked as the creature loomed over him, holding the spear to his chest... Jake closes his eyes, preparing for the end when suddenly. . . A pink glowing spear shoots out from the darkness, nailing the crystal sylveon in the head, the head shattering into shards, Jake looks in utter shock and disbelief as the headless creature slumps over to the side, dropping the chain next to it...“Glad i got here in time...” a voice mutters, Jake looks around for the source of the voice, he sees Fatal, standing there, Jake gets up, tears still in his eyes and dashes over to Fatal, hugging her tightly. Fatal gasps in slight surprise as Jake suddenly hugged her, she sighs and hugs back... “w-what was t-that!?” Jake asks, panic still clear in his voice. Fatal bites her lip, “I can't explain now Jake, we have to hurry and get out of here before that creature reforms...” Jake nods, not wanting to question further, Fatal picks up Jake and puts him on her back and starts to dash into a certain direction, Jake just watches, looking behind them to make sure they weren’t being followed.Jake felt like he was gonna fall asleep when out of nowhere a spear tip attached to a chain shot out at Fatal from behind, Jake out of pure instinct reaches with lightning fast reactions and grabs the chain, yanking it towards his direction.Fatal looks back, a look of shock upon her face as she sees Jake pull the crystal sylveon out of the dark and lunges at them, Jake grabs onto the feelers of the creature, still holding the spear tip in his paws and stabs the creature right in the eye. Jake feels his vision grow weary as he steps back, glaring at the creature. He looks back and to his surprise doesn’t see Fatal?...Jake steps back more, his vision getting more blurry as he sees the creature stand back up... Jake sits down, feeling like he was gonna puke his guts out but then... the creature... walked up to Jake and got his attention by tapping him on the shoulder… Jake looks up, the feeling in his gut only worsening as he looks the creature in the now disfigured eyes... “hello Jake… my apologies for my lateness but this is in fact quite important... “ they said. Jake gets up and looks at them… “you have been most likely noticing things going wrong lately… like someone trying to kill you… or someone ‘serving a different master’, right?” they ask. Jake shakes his head, confusion overwhelming all of his senses...“well then, it's about time someone explained it to you… I know everything about you… your struggles, your desires, your hates~… I know everything… but you yourself need to know what is to come…” they said and a mirror appears out of thin air… “this is a dream… but it is yet one controlled by me, i am not fake. There is someone you shall meet quite soon… when the time comes, you will have to make a choice… you have three days until the choice comes… use your time wisely…” the creature says.Jake looks into the mirror, it mirrored his human self… Jake looks at the creature, the feeling starting to get to his head... he struggles to stand up... nonetheless stay awake... The creature goes over, putting a paw under his chin, a more or less semi painful way of helping Jake stay stood up... “Jake, you and your friends are all bound by chains, chains of memories,” Jake looks to the side, flashes of Faith and Flare lying with each other and kissing each other flashing within his head.“They are cursed with the others' experiences...” Jake sees more images flashing in his head... an image of Thundrr staring at what looked to be a huge flame and one of... Thundrr standing next to some sort of umbreon... Jake reaches his front paws up. Holding them over his mouth so he wouldn’t puke from the feeling all around his body... “Jake, give in to the pain, sometimes it is the only way” the creature says, removing their paw... Jake falls to the floor, holding his head and his mouth, blood starts to leak from his eyes instead of tears... “GIVE IN!” The creature screams, slamming their fist down onto Jake's back, Jake screeches in pain, blood and puke shooting from his mouth rapidly as soon as he opens it...Jake lies there... in a puddle of his own puke and blood... his brain felt like it had stopped working... but the feeling was lighter now... he manages to think of something... a question...“Is... this.... what... it's.. like... to... die?...” Jake sputters...The creature frowns looking at Jake... “No this is worse... far worse.. Than any death you have imagined... the feeling is spreading through your body... you refuse to let your descention go... you need too...” they kneel by Jake's side, rubbing the top of his head, Jake starts to lose consciousness, the only thing keeping his mind aloft was the voice of his captor... “goodbye Jake… be prepared… or you will regret it…” the creature says and they and the mirror disappear… Jake suddenly feels the ground start to vibrate violently, the floor beneath Jake caved and Jake started falling… Jake screamed in fear as he kept falling… just… falling… it felt like it was hours of the wind hitting his back, suddenly a dark blue light flashed and nearly blinded Jake, Jake looks up and sees a giant blue moon… his mind felt like it just shut off as he just stares at the moon… he feels his eyes start to close… and he sleeps...
Special Folder
Choose me! by Flutti
Kanto Pokemon - 1st Gen FULL
Pokemon Games Minimalist by Championx91
Well, I was given the position as Founder without me realising it due to me (still) being in Campus Hell, but anyways....

Lately, I have been seeing several Pokemon DA groups being inactive and dwindling, so I am thinking to revive this again. I might not be able to do much due to my time constraints, but I'll just try, at least keeping this group open for everyone PokeFans.
Now, I need to ensure, anyone can submit to the folders?
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- We will not accept rudeness of any sort. If you have a question or other, please refrain from being agressive.
- All art must be done by you, and you only. Exceptions are colabs.
- Please only post fully finished artwork, this includes things like plushies.
- Pokemon based art only. Crossovers are allowed.
- Mature content must have a filter, or it will be denied.
- Submit to the correct folder. Artwork goes into the normal folders. Plushies, written stories etc. go into the other folder. Mega pokemon go into the Mega folder.
Rules may change at any time, so be sure to re-read them often.

Thank you, and have fun. :)


Pokedex #290: Nincada by Nefepants Pokedex #290: Nincada :iconnefepants:Nefepants 29 14 Oshawott | Razor Shell by ishmam Oshawott | Razor Shell :iconishmam:ishmam 339 30 Read me this!! by Deruuyo Read me this!! :iconderuuyo:Deruuyo 1,002 236 The Pokemon Alphabet by arkeis-pokemon The Pokemon Alphabet :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 17,004 2,381 Charchu Dressup by pichu90 Charchu Dressup :iconpichu90:pichu90 373 157 134. Vaporeon by Porkkish 134. Vaporeon :iconporkkish:Porkkish 28 15 starter pokemon by MahoxyShoujo starter pokemon :iconmahoxyshoujo:MahoxyShoujo 1,805 497 Neglect by Tennessee11741 Neglect :icontennessee11741:Tennessee11741 453 203 1:1 Sableye plush by aSourLemon 1:1 Sableye plush :iconasourlemon:aSourLemon 127 24 5th generation - all pokemon by Nid15 5th generation - all pokemon :iconnid15:Nid15 89 69 My favorite things by Felisfurtificus My favorite things :iconfelisfurtificus:Felisfurtificus 56 12 Shiny Shinx by moonwaveumbreon Shiny Shinx :iconmoonwaveumbreon:moonwaveumbreon 338 57 Magikarp by Bandof40Artthieves Magikarp :iconbandof40artthieves:Bandof40Artthieves 252 34 Surfing Pikachu by Helen-likes-pie Surfing Pikachu :iconhelen-likes-pie:Helen-likes-pie 17 7


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