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Grass Arrow Strike Decidueye shirt design by SarahRichford
[YCH Complete] Pokemon Go -  Plushmii by Maskedmagus
Bubble Popp - Shirt design by SarahRichford
Kanto 'mon - 1st Gen 3
Dio Trio by CharlieGrins
Sunday Strips 13 Flying Round Two by Warriner-Animations
Slowpoke by tekmon
Sweet Scent by RayFloret
Kanto 'mon - 1st Gen 2
Chimera mew - custom by valeadopts
She doesn't bite by pikachube
Vaporeon ! by Eive78
The very best like no one ever was by pikachube
Johto 'mon - 2nd Gen
Fall Stuff by RockingScorpion
[COMMISSION] Ribbon the Cleffa by Liashio

Mature Content

Making eggs pt.2 by MrHorrorAnimations
Sunkern Seeds by Momoroo
Hoenn 'mon - 3rd Gen
A Wishing Star by Stardust0130
[COMMISSION] Special Christmas by Liashio
.:Pkmn:. Shiny Series #42 - Flygon by Fire-For-Battle
Numel by dragonceleshart
Sinnoh 'mon - 4th Gen
Ocean Deep by Stardust0130
[COMMISSION] Seras the Lucario by Liashio
[Commission] Kimza Emoji by Jose497
[Commission] Kineto Icon by Jose497
Unova 'mon - 5th Gen 2
Nachos the Servine by Mitoid
Just Vibing~ by introvertnacho
Venipede by NintendoClaymation

Mature Content

Love in not an illustion  by MrHorrorAnimations
Kalos 'mon - 6th Gen
Trevenant by Zavellart
Trevenant and Phantump by NazoKG
.:Pkmn:. Shiny Series #40 + #41 - Gourgeist by Fire-For-Battle
Alola 'mon - 7th Gen
[CLOSED]YCH#104 by snyakopure
Rainy Night by EmberDelphox
Aloha! X3 by Stardust0130
Galar 'mon - 8th Gen
Galarian Ponyta portrait by Sylfeanne
Bea the cinderace by JoseMiguelMcAllen
Paldean pokemon pt 3 by BluegirlWoomy

Mature Content

Here take it by MrHorrorAnimations
Groups and Mixed Generations
Paldean pokemon (final) by BluegirlWoomy
Groups and Mixed Generations 2
[comm] Dinner Time! by Desinho
Mega Pokemon
The three kings. by zaidreyes22011
Fan Made Pokemon- Fakemon
Alumineon (Fakemon) by Shirowagi
Official Trainers
The young goddess of the Pokemon by TheGlassyGuyArt
Original Trainers
[comm] Tia and Aidan by Desinho
Pokemon Gijinkas and Anthros
Galvantula Gardevoir by BerryCremee
Hisuian Growlithe Gif by Magainita
Chibi Bellibolt by artsy-mii
Special Folder
Nosmound shiny by Anarlaurendil
Kanto Pokemon - 1st Gen FULL
[CLOSED]YCH#103 by snyakopure
Hoenn Pokemon - Gen 3 2
Salamence Plushie by Starfighter-Suicune
Sinnoh Pokemon - Gen 4 2
Unova Pokemon - Gen 5 2
Profile: Poniard the shiny Pawniard by jewelswirlix
Kalos Pokemon - Gen 6 2
The dark gem page (27) chapter (3) by zid3
Others 2
Finizen and Quaquaval by Seyumei
Well, I was given the position as Founder without me realising it due to me (still) being in Campus Hell, but anyways....

Lately, I have been seeing several Pokemon DA groups being inactive and dwindling, so I am thinking to revive this again. I might not be able to do much due to my time constraints, but I'll just try, at least keeping this group open for everyone PokeFans.
Now, I need to ensure, anyone can submit to the folders?
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- We will not accept rudeness of any sort. If you have a question or other, please refrain from being agressive.
- All art must be done by you, and you only. Exceptions are colabs.
- Please only post fully finished artwork, this includes things like plushies.
- Pokemon based art only. Crossovers are allowed.
- Mature content must have a filter, or it will be denied.
- Submit to the correct folder. Artwork goes into the normal folders. Plushies, written stories etc. go into the other folder. Mega pokemon go into the Mega folder.
Rules may change at any time, so be sure to re-read them often.

Thank you, and have fun. :)


Pokedex #290: Nincada by Nefepants Pokedex #290: Nincada :iconnefepants:Nefepants 31 14 Oshawott | Razor Shell by ishmam Oshawott | Razor Shell :iconishmam:ishmam 385 32 Read me this!! by Deruuyo Read me this!! :iconderuuyo:Deruuyo 1,015 238 The Pokemon Alphabet by arkeis-pokemon The Pokemon Alphabet :iconarkeis-pokemon:arkeis-pokemon 16,767 2,383 Charchu Dressup by pichu90 Charchu Dressup :iconpichu90:pichu90 364 157 134. Vaporeon by Porkkish 134. Vaporeon :iconporkkish:Porkkish 25 15 starter pokemon by Yurikinns starter pokemon :iconyurikinns:Yurikinns 1,781 497 Neglect by Tennessee11741 Neglect :icontennessee11741:Tennessee11741 447 204 1:1 Sableye plush by aSourLemon 1:1 Sableye plush :iconasourlemon:aSourLemon 123 24 5th generation - all pokemon by Nid15 5th generation - all pokemon :iconnid15:Nid15 88 69 My favorite things by Felisfurtificus My favorite things :iconfelisfurtificus:Felisfurtificus 55 12 Shiny Shinx by moonwaveumbreon Shiny Shinx :iconmoonwaveumbreon:moonwaveumbreon 329 57 Magikarp by Bandof40Artthieves Magikarp :iconbandof40artthieves:Bandof40Artthieves 240 34 Surfing Pikachu by Helen-likes-pie Surfing Pikachu :iconhelen-likes-pie:Helen-likes-pie 16 7


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