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Rules are rules are rules.


Rules aren't always made to be broken.
¼. This is a group for yaoi/shounen-ai.
½. This is a group for ORIGINAL CHARACTER yaoi/shounen-ai.
¾. This is a group for art, writing, and everything in between.

º. You may join the group without ever submitting anything or participating in possible future contests.
¹. All forms of art submissions are welcome, as long as they are original and have a yaoi/shounen-ai theme.
². All forms of writing submissions are welcome, as long as they are original and have a yaoi/shounen-ai theme.
³. The submission limit is 7 deviations per week.

4. Please credit the creator/owner of the OC(s) in your artist's comment, even if it is yourself you are crediting. It makes things go faster, because we won't have to ask you if they are original characters or not.
5. Please submit to the proper folder! It's a pain to have to move deviations around. This is especially for our 18+ folder. Mis-submissions of 18+ works will be REJECTED.
6. We will decline artwork that breaks this rule even if submitted into the Mature folder. FAQ #60: Do you allow "Adult," explicit sexual or pornographic content on DeviantArt? How about linking off site?
7. Please submit to the right folder; you may be asked to resubmit to the correct folder if it is misplaced.

8. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Show it to your fellow boys' love fans. If you don't like what they do, deal with it. The world is made up of a rainbow of colors. Not all of our flavors are the same color as yours.

Rules may be edited, added, or removed at any time.
We are currently looking for contributors for the group. If you are interested, please check this out:


Projects, Contest, and Commissions we are advertising to help out our, :iconweloveboylove:,  members and affiliates; preferably boys love theme and original characters, since that is what this group is for.



:iconunidentifiedghost: / :iconxice-wolf: / :iconmetarex12: / :iconalicestrangely: / :iconeeren: / :icontachann: / :iconlady-chan101: / :iconavareonart: / :iconyeraa: / :iconblaknite: / :iconralu11: / :iconshioir-tyn: / :icondark-infamous: (info on profile page) / :iconharululu: / :iconchetom: / :iconaro-around: / :icondalal-n: / :iconmr-rukan-san: / :iconproject-drow: / :icon6night-walking9: / :iconkurama-chan: / :iconceresart: / :iconhitaki318: / :iconkingston-arakite: / :iconwolfylriina: / :iconserocchin: / :icondariakoumori: /

(Feel free to ask to have yours added to the list; please let the group know if your no longer taking commissions, contest end or are extended, ect, so we can update it for our members.)
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