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MOZILLA EDGE for Firefox

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Published: September 28, 2015

                                             Work in progress
   CURRENT VERSION                                        1.2.0

   SUPPORTED OS                                              Windows 10
   SUPPORTED LANGUAGES                               English, French, Spanish (soon)
   SUPPORTED FIREFOX VERSION                    43.0.X
   SCREENSHOTS GALLERY                                LINK


      D E S C R I P T I O N


       This theme aim to reproduce an accurate replica of the popular Microsoft Edge browser for the Firefox browser.
       Through the progress of this project, every UI parts will be changed to reflect this "Flat" design.


      F E A T U R E S


Here's a non-exhaustive list of the UI parts that are actually affected by the theme (latest version) :
  • Color scheme (Dark)
  • All Firefox icons + 2 bonus icons for "Ublock Origin" and "Stylish" add-ons.
  • Main menu panel
  • Customization panel
  • Edit Bookmark panel
  • Bookmarks menu panel
  • Downloads panel
  • Share panel
  • Forget panel
  • Context menus
  • Subview menus
  • Website Identity panel
  • Notifications popup
  • New Tab page
  • Home page
  • Preferences page
  • Add-ons manager
  • Library
  • Private windows
  • Toolbar behaviors
  • Tabs animations
  • Personal toolbar
  • Lightweight themes (a.k.a "Personas") are fully compatible

       Upcoming features :
  • Spanish language support
  • Sidebar support
  • Dialog windows support
  • Hello panel
  • Light theme

          and probably more

      Star! ADVICE : Don't like the shadow displayed under the context menus and some other popups? You simply need to disable the option "Show shadows under windows" within Windows 10.
                           If it's possible, I will try to find a way to remove them with the proper CSS code.


      R E Q U I R E M E N T S


       Before you proceed to the installation of the theme, make sure you meet the following requirements. It's important, otherwise the theme might not work as intended or not work at all.
       You are also invited to read the license terms before downloading.

       Operating system :
  • Windows 10

       Required Firefox Add-ons :

  • Stylish                             LINK
  • Buttons Back                   LINK


      I N S T A L L A T I O N


      The code is too big to be uploaded on userstyles.org (they have a file size limit). It means that the theme can't be automatically installed (for now), so you'll have to do it manually.
      Below are the simplified steps to achieve the installation. You may also want to follow the tutorial on AskVG. Big thanks to Vishal-Gupta.

      1. Select the folder corresponding to the language used within Firefox.
      2. Open the folder named "Main File".
      3. Open the text file included in this folder, then copy the entire contents.
      4. Now open Firerox, then head to the "Add-ons" section (about:addons).
      5. Select "User Styles" in the left menu.
      6. You will see a boutton named "Create New Style". Click on it.
      7. Paste the text previously copied in this window.
      8. Click the "Preview" button at the top of the window. If you see the theme, you have succeeded! Otherwise, restart from step no. 4.
      9. Click the "Save" button and close the tab.


      U P D A T E S


      Please keep in mind that the theme is a work in progress. It's not a finished product and it might contain some display bugs.

      The file will be frequently updated through this page. Make sure to come back from time to time to update the theme.
      If you want to receive a notification when a new version is available, just click on the "Watch" button placed just after the preview picture.

      NOTE : Before updating Mozilla Edge, don't forget to disable or delete the old version in your Stylish menu.


      C O M P A T I B I L I T Y

  • The theme might be incompatible with other Stylish theme / Add-ons that modify Firefox's interface.
  • From the build 1.0.0, only the Stable channel is compatible.
  • This theme is designed for Windows 10 only. It'll probably work on older OS version, but you should expect some additional bugs, plus the fact that it won't fit very well with the rest of the system, for instance, in Windows 7. I won't give any support for these older OS and won't fix the bugs related to the use of these.


      C R E D I T S  /  L I C E N S I N G

  • The theme ("CSS code") has been entirely wrote by Wellkins.
  • The credits for the required addons ("Stylish" and "Buttons Back") goes to their respective owners.
  • The original visual assets are copyrighted material owned by either Microsoft Corporation and/or its affiliates or the person or organization that developed the concept.

      Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


      C H A N G E L O G


      Version 1.2.0 (2016-01-19) :
  I haven't noted all the changes made during the development of this build. I'll try to list most of them.

                                                          - New design for the Library, now fully functional. Design inspired by Windows apps, such as Groove Music.
                                                          - New design for the downloads progress bar.
                                                          - New design for the fullscreen warning popup.
                                                          - New website identity icon for mixed content.
                                                          - All icons have been redone. Some of them have changed to be more representative of what they do.
                                                          - Added the blue "open" visual for some icons in the toolbar when its panel is open.
                                                          - Many fixes for the location bar and the search bar autocomplete popup.
                                                          - Fixes for the "Downloads" panel.
                                                          - The panel "Edit This Bookmark" have been totally redone, to avoid most bugs.
                                                          - The panel "Bookmarks Menu" have been totally redone.
                                                          - The popup "Website Identification" have been fixed and is now fully functional.
                                                          - Fixed a bug which makes the "delete" button not showing in the context menu from the Library.
                                                          - "Polished" many things in most areas.
                                                          - Some code cleaning.


      Version 1.1.0 (2015-12-20) : 
- Updated to Firefox 43.0.1
                                                          - Added French language support.
                                                          - New "Add-ons Manager" page design.
                                                          - New "Options" page design (unfinished).
                                                          - New design for the "Sound" icon displayed in tabs. Its position has also been changed to the right of the favicon.
                                                          - New "Forget" panel design.
                                                          - New "Menu bar" design.
                                                          - New "Find bar" design.
                                                          - New "Save password" notification pop-up design.
                                                          - New "Install add-on" notification pop-up design.
                                                          - New "RSS Feed" icon design.
                                                          - New "Stylish" icon design.
                                                          - New folder icon design.
                                                          - New "Back" button when you're in a subview menu in the "Main menu" panel.
                                                          - New "Show more" button in the "Personal Toolbar" when it's full.
                                                          - New "Full screen" button icon when full screen mode is enabled.
                                                          - New window captions when full screen mode is enabled.
                                                          - New text highlight color.
                                                          - Fixed the missing "RSS Feed" button from the toolbar and the "Customize" window.
                                                          - Fixed the "Sync" icon displayed from the "Main menu" panel when users are connected to a Firefox account.
                                                          - Fixed bad height value of the "Cut / Copy / Paste" buttons when placed in the toolbar.
                                                          - Fixed bad height value of the "Zoom control" buttons when placed in the toolbar.
                                                          - Fixed the hover properties for the two bookmark buttons when placed in the toolbar.
                                                          - Fixed the buttons at the bottom of the "Customize" window.
                                                          - Fixed the button's size when placed in the title bar.
                                                          - The "Search bar" for the toolbar have been completely redone.
                                                          - The "URL bar" have received some fixes and improvements, as well as the "Results" popup box.
                                                          - The status bar (the URL shown at the bottom-right of a page when a link is hovered) have been improved.
                                                          - The Context menus have received some fixes and improvements, such as the submenus within them.
                                                          - The icons for the "Find" and "Search" buttons have been changed.
                                                          - The "about:blank" page is now truly blank.
                                                          - Some tabs properties have been edited to prevent display bugs.
                                                          - Some menus have received minor fixes and improvements.
                                                          - Minor changes have been made to the "Edit Bookmark" panel.
                                                          - Removed the animation when you click on the "Bookmark this page" star button.
                                                          - Added back some animations. Doing this have fixed some issues with the "Customize" window and the "Full screen" mode.
                                                          - Added back the auto-scroll button in the submenus, with a new design.
                                                          - Many fixes have been done in the personal bar folders menus, bookmarks menus and the bookmarks submenus.


      Version 1.0.0 (2015-11-29) :
This build is for Firefox 42.0 (Stable channel) English (US) only. French and Spanish languages will be added soon.
                                                         The changes/additions I made in this version are too numerous to list them all. Here are some highlights :

                                                         - Every Firefox icons have been reworked to a Microsoft Edge design + bonus icon (Ublock Origin)
                                                         - New "Downloads" panel design
                                                         - New "Social Share" panel design
                                                         - New separators have been added between tabs
                                                         - New tabs favicon added
                                                         - New "Identity pop-up" design
                                                         - New "Private browsing" window design
                                                         - New download states icons have been added
                                                         - New "Reader mode" icon (when active) have been added
                                                         - The "Bookmarks" panel have been reworked
                                                         - The "Edit bookmark" panel have been reworked
                                                         - The "New tab" page have been completly redone and fixed
                                                         - The "Home" page have received some improvements
                                                         - The "Identity icons" have been reworked
                                                         - The "Main menu" have received some improvements and bug fixes
                                                         - The "Cut / Copy / Paste / " buttons are now fully functionnal
                                                         - The "Customize" window have been completly redone


For the complete list of changes made in the previous versions, please refer to the changelog file provided with the theme.

You are invited to give me your feedback in the section bellow !

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where exactly is "user styles?" I can't see it.
Dirty-Wondah's avatar
Stylish is abandonend project it doesnt works with FF 55.0.3
Dirty-Wondah's avatar
You dont know read? FF 55 not 57
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Nice Style / Please update to Firefox, Version: 55.0.3!
JoshuaMichaels's avatar
JoshuaMichaelsProfessional Digital Artist
Well I tried to get this working. I got as far as step 6 in the installation procedure, the "Write New Style" button doesn't do anything for me, a dead button. There's a "Install from URLs" button next to it that does pop up a window to input a URL address to a css file, but yeah I'm stuck :| (Blank Stare)  
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Couldn't get it installed on FF V52.
Followed everything to the T

Thanks anyway.  🦊
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très beau boulot, bravo
rootsphenix's avatar
Excellent, j'adore Thumbs Up , peut on changer les icônes j’ai un plug-in "SiteLauncher" j'aimerai modifier l’icône  

Excellent, I love Thumbs Up , can I change the icons I have a plug-in "SiteLauncher" I would like to change the icon

thank you very much
2635599's avatar
love this. using it now. thanks a lot. is there any chance of getting this where the fonts for the context menus are 1/4 to 1/3 smaller, and almost no spacing between them? thanks in advance for any help.
KNIGHTBRUHHobbyist Digital Artist
tu m'a l'air de parler fançais, mais bon au cas où...

did you think you gonna make a chrome version ?
I know the code is really big to make, but a lot of people use chrome.
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thakyZHobbyist General Artist
I have found a bug (or at least multiple bugs):
The Bookmarks dropdown icon is not sized correctly.
When unsupported addons get placed into the Main Menu dropdown, they do not have the correct spacing and sizing.

And if you don't mind supporting some add-ons with custom icons:
Adblock Plus: adblockplus.org/en/
Clear Site Cache: github.com/Tenzer/clear-site-c…
DownThemAll!: downthemall.net/
Hoxx VPN Proxy: hoxx.com
Reddit Enhancement Suite: redditenhancementsuite.com/ (Specifically the CSS indicator)
Saved Password Editor: addons.mozilla.org/addon/saved…
Tampermonkey: tampermonkey.net
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i'd recommend browsec instead of hoxx vpn proxy, cause no slowdowns and me importantly no account to log into.
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Thank you, this is the best skin
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Waiting for news. Don't stop your great work, please.
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cvetan78vsHobbyist Artist
yes ! Super
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Great theme, really enjoying it.
Possibly a bug: In Firefox 49.0.1 on Windows 10, the top ~50px of a page act as the toolbar. Meaning, I can double-click or drag on a webpage, and it double-clicks or drags the Firefox window.
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Dead4meHobbyist General Artist
Would love to see this updated someday.
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WurzhHobbyist General Artist
Je t'aime. C'est ce que je cherchais, c'est ce que j'ai trouvé. CEST BEAU PUTAIN, MERCI BB JTM KEUR BB KEUR OMFG
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WurzhHobbyist General Artist
Une version plus compact serait super cool mais je chipote. Merci, plus sérieusement c'est nickel.
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OrphydianHobbyist General Artist
can you provide more screenshots in this preview ! I will feature it on my modern design group metrofoundry.deviantart.com/
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