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Hello everyone!

Today, we on the CCCat Admin Team have a big announcement!

We wanted to announce that today, September 4th of 2020, we are launching - Skire’s own website for everything Skire!

Feel free to take a look around and explore! You’ll find trait pages, information about the site, and all kinds of information… Including our new Masterlist!

It's still in progress (example being lore tab) but we've got plans. c:

Over the past few months the CCCompendium has been through multiple checks and look overs - and I can happily announce that the Skire Masterlist now holds the entire CCCompendium, entirely up to date! All ownership transfers, masterlist updates, MYO registries, and things of that liking have been ported and updated over.

What does this mean for the CCCompendium? It means that it has been retired, and now all updates will be done on the site.

This hopes to make it easier and more accessible for users on different platforms to be able to have proper listed ownership of their CCCat without requiring a dA account. At current sales likely will still only be conducted on dA but in the future may be posted across numerous sites in addition to dA. We'll still be a primarily dA focused species in terms of how we operate and for the groups and events.

Skire now has a request system that works much like the old CCCompendium journals, and you can send in any updates and changes through it. You can read more about the request functions here: CCCOMPENDIUM ANNOUNCEMENT

If you have any further questions for our webmaster himself, you can go to the CCCat Discord! There is now a channel titled #site-talk that you can talk to the webmaster directly for questions, suggestions, or anything of that liking. This is where site specific topics can be discussed!

To go along with the site-talk channel, there is also a locked channel titled #site-feed. Here you will be able to see whenever he pushes updates, opens/closes issues, or anything site related!

We thank you all for your continued support - and we can not wait to see the site grow with Skire in the future! There are plenty of future updates planned - and we can not wait until they can all go live for you all.

Some of you may have also noticed that there is no way to create an account on the website right now - and that is intentional! When creating the current website, we made accounts for users that own any skire species, using your DA username as your site username. So you will need to come to this comment to get your account!

Important Note! Though we will be giving you your logins now, once it is given to you, you are welcome and urged to change your password after this temporary login is given.

Please respond to THIS COMMENT with the following format to get a note with your temporary login!


I’m ready for my login!

Once you respond to the comment, an admin will send you a note and respond with the confirmation that they have sent you a note with your temporary login!

If you DO NOT own a Skire Species, please don’t use this comment for the time being! We have account creation ready for implementation, however, we want to make sure everyone who has an account already doesn’t accidentally create a second!

If you notice anything out of date in regards to the Masterlist, please ping PalletEclipse in #site-talk or throw her a DM! It should be entirely up to date, but there may have been a thing or two that slipped through the cracks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to This Comment HERE!

And a note from me (wellhidden) personally, hey whats up!

I wanted to take a hot second to thank Pallet and Greg and everyone who helped us test the start of the site and make it real!! And of course Pallet for helping write up this announcement. ;_; <3

I'll keep this brief but I'm incredibly thankful for you guys mentioned above and equally for everyone in the community who has helped this become more possible from interest, suggestions, testing, and more. While we've got lots more in store for you all with the site and ARPG and beyond, I'm beyond amazed and grateful for where we are now to be a realized thing. It feels genuinely incredible and I hope we continue to grow further with you all!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To Pallet n Greg: i care u binches

© 2020 - 2021 WellHidden
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Sorry i accidentally commented on the first mentioned comment and now i cant find it to delete it oops

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Username: Dragaito

I’m ready for my login!

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Holy tits that's mad

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Comment here to get your log-in!

Current Owners are the only ones able to get their login for the time being! After a bit of this comment being open and the majority of accounts are claimed, we will open account creation for all.

We will be working our fastest to send you notes and to give you your login information!

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Oh boy

i haven’t been involved with CCCats in a MINUTE

is it still possible to get an account activated?

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I don't see an account that exists under this username unless you've gotten your name changed at some point in 2020!

If you have changed your name and think an account may be under that old name, let me know! If you haven't, or haven't owned a CCCat at all before/or owned one before 2020 but now longer own it, then you should be able to make an account yourself!

These pre-made accounts were only for current owners of the time!

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I have changed my username! I used to be Chibi1345! I own two Cccats as of right now
610-Button Mash and 721-Some Flowers Bloom
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Alright! <3

I've sent you a note with your credentials, and went ahead and did a name change to your new DA name after verifying that your name changed!!

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I haven't been on deviantART in a long time I was wondering where I go to make sure I can log on to my account to transfer one of my characters?

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Username: Kaveebi

I’m ready for my log in!

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This comment has been closed since November!

If you are looking to get your login, you need to note me!

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This comment has been closed since November!

If you are looking to get your login, you need to note me! And your account will match your DA name if your account already exists, though you can ask for a name change once you get your login.

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This comment has been CLOSED! Please keep an eye out for a further journal later today!

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Username: SparkedFires

I’m ready for my login!

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Username: Akasira

I’m ready for my login!

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username: chainpaint

im ready for my login!

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Username: ChimericallyLost

I'm ready for my login!

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Username: godbirdart

I’m ready for my login!

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