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{OTA} Liquid Mirror [CLOSED]

Got a very good offer via notes!! Prob gonna go with it so this is just an update!
;O; Thank you all for such lovely offers though! I plan to make a lot more big beastie CCCats with nifty stories if I can! <3

A FIRST In a line of "Big Baddie" CCCats I would like to do for Halloween.
These themes won't be based on classic horror tales! Instead, these will be small lil stories I make up for the CCCats that are more horrific B)c

SO. FIRST. I present to you: Liquid Mirror.
This CCCat is based Around self-reflection both metaphorical and literal. They have glass spikes, teeth, and claws, as well as holographic/reflective shiny skin. With this, their blood is also reflective and can often look like a colorful metal. Their skin is cracked and showing the glowing body underneath, and they are forever bleeding from these cracks and impalement locations of the glass.

Mirror's story is short-ish
CCCats are based around image. They love to create their bodies from hosts and are very keen on how they present themselves. They are an expression of their previous memories or emotions, and therefore pride themselves on who they make themselves look like. It's not uncommon for CCCats to become vain or pompous, in fact.
So it's a bad sign when a CCCat grows envious of others.
Mirror was one such CCCat. A CCCat who sought to continue improving, continue being better than the others they encountered. They wanted to be the best, the brightest, the biggest.
Their goal was small at first, aiming to be important and bold, known through Skire for their appearance and uplifting spirit. But this turned sour very, very fast.
When they were met with competition, they began to grow into a paranoid and stressed version of themselves, trying to improve their image but never feeling they made the expectation of others.
So? When they couldn't feel they met the expectation of others, they decided to get rid of the competition. 
CCCats may have a large number of feral hosts, but it is certainly is against their code to kill another. But Mirror? Ha. Nah, Mirror kept going.
Mirror got rid of anyone and everyone that posed even a slight threat. And they grew to believe this making them better.
After numerous murders, the god Nothing became involved. Nothing, being one of the more humble of the two gods, frowned upon such behavior. Sure, others could kill this CCCat, but Nothing personally wanted to make such a bad mentality be punished. Thus, Mirror was put to the judgement of Nothing, and Nothing blinded them, killing their ability to see in their eye. However, they were given a revived host that was sure to be seen by others, but never Mirror themselves.


Advised to be a member of the group: :iconcccats: before purchasing!
Payment Plans are available from the start of OTAs! Please note me to discuss them before offering c:

This species is CLOSED.
That means you may not make one on your own.
If you want to purchase one, you will not get species rights, but you will certainly get character rights!
That means:
- You can change the colors, patterns, markings, designs, whatever! BUT -- Please make sure to get any changes confirmed by me!
- You may give the character your own personal story and name.
- You're welcome to give it a gender! ( Or not! Doesn't matter ;D )
- Maim it, chop off it's arms, legs, ears, whatever. ;3
- You can re-sell it to people for the price you got it, or lower! (NEVER higher!) {If you commission art of the character, you may sell it only adding to the price you paid for the art and the character combined. You may not consider gift art able to raise its price}
- You are allowed to give it a human/anthro form! {Currently cannon notes: Human form has only one eye and it is also removable from the cranium via mouth. When eye is in, the eye can move between both empty sockets as there is no brain.}

But you may NOT:
- Claim the species as yours
- Remake the character so it no longer looks like the species.
- Resell it for a higher price. (Lower or same price is fine)
- Trade without telling me first (don't be ashamed of telling me you're trading your CCCat! I just need to know so I can keep track of owners)


Liquid Mirror
Blinded/Living-Dead Eye (By The One Who Saw Nothing) -- Touched
Glass-Crack skin -- Touched
Object Growth (Glass) -- Myth
Opal Sheen Patternless Tongue -- Rare x2
Sabre Teeth -- Rare
Sparkling Markings -- Rare
Holographic/Reflective Skin -- Rare
Hooked Tail -- Rare
Razor Teeth -- Uncommon
Omen Sight -- Uncommon
Rest is common!


OTA! Please reply here to offer:…

Other offers are welcome like below:
Designs to offer: Monsters, Dragons, Humanoid, etc. (Prefer either pure horror or sci-fi themes)
Big fans of: Sheylu (not CS), Hjeojeo, Dusty-Demon, RevenantNoid/BackwardsSnappy, VCR-Wolfe, etc.
Closed Species: Hoshibuki, Meraux, Browbirds, designs in my wanted Designs favorites folders!
Please check here for the folders:… //…

USD$$ Money offers is OK! 
Points are NOT accepted!

Please remember to be specific in your offer!
This OTA will go on till either an offer comes through that I like! If no offer I like comes around, I'll keep this CCCat for myself. B)
Noting offers is OK! You must first comment in the offer section saying you have noted me though.

This time around I'll favor these kinds of offers:
1. USD!
2. Not-CS Designs!
3. Customs!
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Hi! I have a question, I want a custom based on that creature (I really like the colours). I’m planning to turn it into a Mochi Raptor (not having the design exactly the same, but completely alternated into a different design bit the same colours...) I’m planning to have the custom made by and said that the design wasn’t gonna be based 100% on the design, but based on it. I need your permission to get this custom done though. I’m fine if you say no or yes, it’s your choice.

I’m so confusing 😂 I hope this is okay or makes the littlest sense?
WellHidden's avatar
I'd prefer you not have such done, as this character is no longer mine and belongs to someone else and I would feel it very rude/out of place for me to grant permission to such when I no longer own this character <:0
Barkunami's avatar
It’s alright! Tysm for replying and not ignoring this haha,,
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ahhhh that frosty look on them looks aMAZING
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I love this baby
cindersandashes's avatar
damn. really wish i coulda nabbed this guy
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Congrats to the winner~
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Star-The-Jerboa's avatar
Such a beautiful boy/girl
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"Instead, these will be small lil stories I make up for the CCCats that are more horrific"
Yes yes oh jesus I can't wait for the others :la:
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these colors r so fucking good im losing my SHIT I LOVE UR ART
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H (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) 
M Alphabets (Words) A (Alphabets) 

G (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) D (Alphabets) 

O Alphabets (Words) A (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) 
A (Alphabets) W (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) S (Alphabets) O Alphabets (Words) M Alphabets (Words) E (Alphabets) 
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Stunning! Love the story tidbit and all the detail you put in! I love how I can always see how much you love your species, its so great ;w;
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Liquid Mirror Gift by NinGeko
for whoever wins the design! 
SensualDog's avatar
How much would this one be???
funCatty's avatar
this cccat is honestly a huge dreamie oh my god
the colors are flawless
the design is truly different
im in love
it reminds me of looking into a dark cave, shining a light, and seeing crystals try to escape from a lake inside the cave
i have no words honestly
i sound weird for forcing anything out but w o ah
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this is gorgeous!!!
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:,) Totally didn't just accidentally post my offer on regular comments.
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Oh my it's a big one //hugs the big boi and is the eye really dead  looks more like it has color to it? Or is it actually glass is more the question?
WellHidden's avatar
The eye was blinded by Nothing and is considered a Living-Dead eye, ye!
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Um.. is it still open for offers? Im confused by descriprion.
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SORRY I had copied from Eyeccclipse! It's totally open yep!
yeeFUCKINhawBITCHES's avatar
sobs on this
i've never related to a character i don't even know more in my life  :'
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