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{OTA} Light of the Heart [CLOSED]


decided on a character offer from badC4T ! Thanks for offerin guys!

Thanks for all your offers guys!! I'm deciding upon I think 3 different offers I've received on this and will have the answer by tomorrow! <3
Thank you all for loving CCCats so much, gosh.

I didn't know whether to put Light up for OTA or Auction bc I'm really torn I rip.
This was after a bluescreen happened and I got really upset bc I lost progress on some halloween ones I started :c
Have a non-Halloweenie nerd.


Advised to be a member of the group: :iconcccats: before purchasing!
I will take holds/payment plans only after 48 hours have passed since this has been uploaded, and only if the payment is more than $150! This is to allow those who can pay right away a chance. c:

This species is CLOSED.
If you want to purchase one, you will not get species rights, but you will certainly get character rights!
That means:
- You can change the colors, patterns, markings, designs, whatever! BUT -- Please make sure to get any changes confirmed by me!
- You may give the character your own personal story and name.
- You're welcome to give it a gender! ( Or not! Doesn't matter ;D )
- Maim it, chop off it's arms, legs, ears, whatever. ;3
- You can re-sell it to people for the price you got it, or lower! (NEVER higher!) {If you commission art of the character, you may sell it only adding to the price you paid for the art and the character combined. You may not consider gift art able to raise its price}
- You are allowed to give it a human/anthro form! {Currently cannon notes: Human form has only one eye and it is also removable from the cranium via mouth. When eye is in, the eye can move between both empty sockets as there is no brain.}

But you may NOT:
- Claim the species as yours
- Remake the character so it no longer looks like the species.
- Resell it for a higher price. (Lower or same price is fine)
- Trade without telling me first (don't be ashamed of telling me you're trading your CCCat! I just need to know so I can keep track of owners)


Other offers are welcome like below:
Designs to offer: Monsters, Dragons, Humanoid, etc. (Prefer either pure horror or sci-fi themes)
Big fans of: Sheylu (not CS), Hjeojeo, Dusty-Demon, RevenantNoid/BackwardsSnappy, VCR-Wolfe etc,
Closed Species: Chittercidas!!, Grem2!!, Uncommon/Rare Stryx, Minkin, Babs (omg), designs in my wanted Designs favorites folders!

USD$$ Money offers is OK! 
Points are NOT accepted!

Please remember to be specific in your offer!
This OTA will go on till either an offer comes through I like or when the offers come to an end.
Noting offers is OK! You must first comment in the offer section saying you have noted me though.

This time around I'll favor these kinds of offers:
Not-CS Designs!
and / or

> Frankenstein Markings - Rare
> Omen sight - Uncommon
> Everything else common!
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yoo iim desperate for one of these, i dont care how rare they are, i'll offer you anything from here!…, along with a few points, though i only have 31 so it wouldn't be a lot- but i could offer more then one character!
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I want one cccats but I have no PayPal and I need to make more cute/scary creatures
VonMorjo's avatar
this design is so gorgeous!
SilverKnight27's avatar
Pardon im on mobilr and couldnt see the offer here comment ><
CheeseBurgerArt's avatar
It was really fun watching them get made! lovely cccat~
Ponacho's avatar
Screaming they're beautiful
EllieSprings's avatar
no this is beautiful
SerpentineSaltern's avatar
Are you interested in MYO or custom closed species? I would gladly design/ allow you to design this closed species ( ) with multiple Rare/Myth traits!!
Carnivox's avatar
This is the nicest CCCat I've ever seen.
I've never wanted one this much///
ShadowKittyZerolilly's avatar
THIS IS MY FAVORITE CCC EVER!!! How beautiful... <333
I envy whoever gets their hands on them. ;;
mortoboe's avatar
Oh man what a dreamie!

I can offer $70 plus

This fumi
and this couvere? if they strike your fancy?
RoyallyPlushed's avatar
i love this babe! 
i am so tempted! ... your designs are makes it so hard! Q3Q
Beauvoiir's avatar
Oh this one look also so great !!! Good job QnQ !! ♥ I wanna buy them all but im limited </3 //die
Also Iw as wondering, what crown did you put on mine ? +_+ ♥ ( I wonder all the time I was working)
prince-corvidae's avatar
Would you be interested in slots to rare/ultra rare stryx? 
WellHidden's avatar
I'm always a little tentative on slots bc it's more of a gamble, but I can always consider it!
prince-corvidae's avatar
I can totally understand that!
VazlaKat's avatar
I'm dying, I love this design so much, oml. I'll definitely have to draw some fanart for the winner! omg ;o;
Bun-Itty's avatar
In love!

And I'm sorry you got the bluescreen
Airlana's avatar
Omg gorgeous!!!
WellHidden's avatar
Please offer here! 

Please remember to be specific in your offer!
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