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{OTA} Eyes of the Beholder [CLOSED]

ALL REALLY GOOD OFFERS AGAIN And I was torn on possibly keepin this one for myself BUT I HAD PAYMENTS I HAD TO MAKE... so I took a diff offer! Heck

A Crook Mutation-affected CCCat! This one had it happen naturally, unlike Blind Eye who had it occur after seeing Unseen. So it works a bit differently!
This one has a rumored past unlike the others, so it's a bit more vague and allows you to really play with it if you'd like! It has a few different possibilities as well to play with, but just small stuff. If I need to correct any of my writing lemme know! I was a tad distracted when writing.

This CCCat is almost always silent around others, speaking in riddles and in quiet, smooth tones. Describing how they move is difficult; they seem still and unmoving when you have them in sight but can somehow slither up right next to you in another blink. Their twitching, flicking and shaking eyes can be considered the most jarring part of them, especially with their still postures.
When a CCCat is affected by a Crook Mutation, their eye will begin to merge into their body rather than remain external. This often happens a bit after the host body was taken over and began to look like a CCCat. For Beholder, their eye merged much later in the transformation, even a bit after they were able to move and use their host's body.
It is said this CCCat was held in high council before the gods when it came to be. It's life plan seen ahead of time or seeing potential in what they could be and judgement being given to them.
No one can say for certain as they're just rumors and myths, but people wonder if the gods saw something in them that could be of use to their higher-knowing ways. Their eye merged into their chest, some say they clutched it as they ran from their judgement. Some say the gods touched them and merged their eye to them.
Regardless, the role or duty of this CCCat is believed to be for the Gods' wills.
Possibly a judge for the Gods; with their eyes and ears, they hear and see all that you do, have once done, and will soon do. Or perhaps they were made by the Gods and given the Crook eyes to watch on the lands for the Gods and report back to them or deliver punishment to those deemed unfit.

Crook mutations are so incredibly rare among CCCats (as it usually results in them turning into Crooks!) that it's believed when a CCCat has the Crook mutation they are divine or of divine use. Which very well could be!
Unlike Blind Eye, this CCCat still has an ability to see (they weren't punished for seeing Unseen and their eye is still alive and healthy). Their main eye still sees normally, and the smaller eyes are able to see different magics and omens, but see in a bit fuzzier/less-defined visuals.
This CCCat has also become a lot harder to kill! Without the weakness of separating their eye from host, their smaller eyes can be injured either small or largely and they'll be OK and able to regrow. Their large eye retains its impenetrable and un-crackable form, however if the main eye were to be extruded from the CCCat there would be a lot of difficulty regenerating it back in - which would still require the same eye to even do so.

I've been in love with all the big baddies I've been makin lately but I think this is one of my favorites aaaaaaaa ;v;
This one is goin to be OTA as well bc I'd be absolutely chill keepin them gndjsgbfsfds


Advised to be a member of the group: :iconcccats: before purchasing!
Payment Plans are available from the start of OTAs! Please note me to discuss them before offering c:

This species is CLOSED.
That means you may not make one on your own.
If you want to purchase one, you will not get species rights, but you will certainly get character rights!
That means:
- You can change the colors, patterns, markings, designs, whatever! BUT -- Please make sure to get any changes confirmed by me!
- You may give the character your own personal story and name.
- You're welcome to give it a gender! ( Or not! Doesn't matter ;D )
- Maim it, chop off it's arms, legs, ears, whatever. ;3
- You can re-sell it to people for the price you got it, or lower! (NEVER higher!) {If you commission art of the character, you may sell it only adding to the price you paid for the art and the character combined. You may not consider gift art able to raise its price}
- You are allowed to give it a human/anthro form! {Currently cannon notes: Human form has only one eye and it is also removable from the cranium via mouth. When eye is in, the eye can move between both empty sockets as there is no brain.}

But you may NOT:
- Claim the species as yours
- Remake the character so it no longer looks like the species.
- Resell it for a higher price. (Lower or same price is fine)
- Trade without telling me first (don't be ashamed of telling me you're trading your CCCat! I just need to know so I can keep track of owners)


"See Me and Flee"  / Judgement is in the Eyes of the Beholder
Crook Mutation -- Touched
Crown Elsewhere on Body -- Touched (Not "lower on body" trait as its below the face/head)
Short + Very Long crown spikes -- Uncommon + Rare
Multiple Ears (6) -- Myth
Messy Needle teeth -- Uncommon + Myth
Patterned Eye -- Rare
Sphynx Fur -- Uncommon
Omen Sight -- Uncommon
Rest is common!


OTA! Please reply here to offer:…

Other offers are welcome like below:
Designs to offer: Monsters, Dragons, Humanoid, etc. (Prefer either pure horror or sci-fi themes)
Big fans of: Sheylu (not CS), Hjeojeo, Dusty-Demon, RevenantNoid/BackwardsSnappy, VCR-Wolfe, etc.
Closed Species: Hoshibuki, Meraux, Browbirds, designs in my wanted Designs favorites folders!
Please check here for the folders:… //…

USD$$ Money offers is OK! 
Points are NOT accepted!

Please remember to be specific in your offer!
This OTA will go on till either an offer comes through that I like! If no offer I like comes around, I'll keep this CCCat for myself. B)
Noting offers is OK! You must first comment in the offer section saying you have noted me though.

This time around I'll favor these kinds of offers:
1. USD!
2. Not-CS Designs!
3. Customs!
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What a fabulous and beautiful creature ;v; I think the species is great!

These designs tug on my heart strings massively.

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oh man this species is beautiful
i totally plan on getting one of these guys when i get the money!!
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mascara game is insane 

I absolutely love the vibe this baddie gives off, and the colors are so nice to look at, I love the tail and the varying eye colors especially! The multiple ears n spikey teeth really add to it, I deffo hope it gets a good home so we can see more art in the future!
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Aww damn can I offer my soul in exchange?
Edit: I add my cats soul to the offer 
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ohhhh my goodness, this design is.... insanely good. ;;; Hope you get a great offer for them!
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Ahhhh gosh gosh gosh gosh Boss ;n;
Do you have any idea how long you'll keep this one open? I'd like to try and get a really good offer together for em pbbbbbt
WellHidden's avatar
GONNA GO FOR A WHILE.. I really like this fella and I'm also distracted as heckie due to schoolwork atm!!
Closet-Furry's avatar
BLOWS YOU A KISS then I will be back ;3c
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Can i offer my very soul?
i am a redhaired but i can still try
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Ohhhh boy I'll be back
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This one looks like a Jeb
aureamachina's avatar
omfg....I am in love //cries
WellHidden's avatar
Please reply here with your offer!
You may note offers, but please reply here that you're noting me!
Also please be specific in your offers!! Thank you so much guys!
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:0c I can offer this?
[OPEN] Wicked Backlash by SEVMD
SEVMD's avatar
Im dumb and didnt realise Im missing some of my text but Im down to do 1-2 fullbody paintings and customs
Examples of painting:
Chandelure Gijinka by SEVMD Come forth by SEVMD Touchy touchy by SEVMD For you by SEVMD
Dizzy-Possum's avatar
I can offer a custom of these bees  CS|Bee-Haviours|1st Auction|Silver Dog Bee(CLOSED) by Korhann  
hindu deity like my boy Don't touch le moobs by Korhann

and with this kitty I made
Void Cats - Auction (open) by Korhann

And add a chibi and 2 halfbody
NL-Lynx's avatar
I can do any kind of canvas painting you like! These are my older ones, I don't have pictures of my most recent ones yet but I can get some.   Lynx paint   Howlin' Woofer      Lion paint by NL-Lynx    
ComplacentFool's avatar
I can offer these kids

And up to two animations like this
Smile Son | 11/5/16

And up to four full on images like these
Demons in the Night
Friend Like Me
I'm everything you can't control (much smaller scale than the other two, but putting it here just to give a range)

And I can offer custom designs, though I don't have many to show as examples. Here are the latest three I've done
Chelsea Motel No. 2
2016 Design Trade for wickkh
Kill the Lights
AlCatIa89's avatar
I can offer 2 MYO or a Custom Fluffkusu 
+one or more of my character in my toyhouse:…
+2 animation like this :  /
+3 full body (without background)

Zambiiie's avatar
I'mma gonna note an offer
MortalKAkatsuki96's avatar
Upping my offer to $500 instead ;v;
InfamousSpark's avatar
When you can't offer any money... *dies*
I can offer 4 MYOs or Customs for my Kaluna species with Mystic traits.
As well as any kind of art commission: Commission Info
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Noting you
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