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{AUCT} Flying Fish [CLOSED]

HELLO!! I REALLY LOVE THIS CCCAT OK!! It uses one of my guilty pleasure tropes of kind-hearted/angel-like some-kind-of-strange-mail delivery person which I won't lie I have a characters for myself matching that kinda trope in some fashion..,, coughs
IT'S ACTUALLY QUITE HARD TO LET THEM GO BUT! I'm hoping whoever will take them will love them <3
This was one of the big baddie suggestions that combined a few of reoccurring themes you guys had! Many of you requested aquatic or avian, and some suggested I try and make a kind-hearted or good "big baddie" which wound up to be a flying fish big softie!!
I haven't done a lot of winged CCCats that weren't customs either, so this is a fun one, even if the wings are technically fins. They can still fly through air!
I'll probably do a big baddie with actual horror themes after this one, then I think I may attempt some more of those concept CCCats for FTOs? We'll see!

Little Info:
"Through the air or through the sea, nothing stops my deliveries!"
Fish is a CCCat blessed to be forever on an adventure. It's said this CCCat has seen the lands beyond Skire, even! With a floating, compass-like crown, it points forward to the direction of the next person they need to deliver to, spinning around to load them. They're always on the go!
This CCCat sends out mail of sorts, but no one knows who this mail gets written by! Fish likes to think each message is written by a future self to those they deliver to, passing through time to somehow inexplicably wind up in his bag to deliver.
Usually the letters contain cryptic prophecies of good fortune, many who happen to see this CCCat in their lives find their lives change in drastic but incredibly positive ways! However, there are even sometimes rare ominous warnings they deliver, which can sometimes be used to change the course of fate after one figures out the strange riddle-like fashion these messages are written in.
This CCCat loves their job, even though they don't recall when it became their job. Often do they wonder if this life was pre-destined for them, or if they happened to summon forth an unusual power themselves that they can use without understanding. Regardless, this CCCat feels immense joy in what they do, and 


Additional Art:
Postal bag!
Flying Fish Delivery Service POST 2 by WellHidden

Notes on Fin-Wings:
They CAN be retracted to no longer have wings, or they can fold and behave like normal wings. However, they are pretty flat!

FFDS FinWings by WellHidden

Advised to be a member of the group: :iconcccats: before purchasing!
Payment plans are available as long as you note me with discussion of your times.
I require a down payment of at least 30% upon claiming it. I will not take payments for increments less than $100

This species is CLOSED.
That means you may not make one on your own.
If you want to purchase one, you will not get species rights, but you will certainly get character rights!
That means:
- You can change the colors, patterns, markings, designs, whatever! BUT -- Please make sure to get any changes confirmed by me!
- You may give the character your own personal story and name.
- You're welcome to give it a gender! ( Or not! Doesn't matter ;D )
- Maim it, chop off it's arms, legs, ears, whatever. ;3
- You can re-sell it to people for the price you got it, or lower! (NEVER higher!) {If you commission art of the character, you may sell it only adding to the price you paid for the art and the character combined. You may not consider gift art able to raise its price}
- You are allowed to give it a human/anthro form! {Currently cannon notes: Human form has only one eye and it is also removable from the cranium via mouth. When eye is in, the eye can move between both empty sockets as there is no brain.}

But you may NOT:
- Claim the species as yours
- Remake the character so it no longer looks like the species - Unless given permission and approval of it's differences from the species.
- Resell it for a higher price. (Lower or same price is fine)


"Flying Fish Delivery Service"
> Fin-Wings -- Touched (Gains flight magic by default; can float or fly without "using" wings)
> Floating Crown -- Touched (Ability to spin and supernaturally point into direction of next person to deliver a message to)
> Crown Elsewhere on Body -- Myth
> Sparkling Coat (All colors/patterns affected) -- Myth
> Aquatic Host -- Myth
> Patternless Tongue -- Rare
> Spiked Tongue -- Rare
> Sparkling Markings -- Rare
> Omen Sight -- Uncommon
> Sphynx Fur -- Uncommon
> Rest is common!



Bullet; Pink Auction style! 

Bid here:…


Bullet; Purple Starting Bid (SB) is $400 USD
Bullet; Purple AB (auto-buy) is $1,000 to encourage bids rather than ABs!
Bullet; Purple Bidding increment is $5
Bullet; Purple Ends in 24 hours after most recent bid !
Bullet; Purple Have payment on hand at time of bid and after in case of victory. 
Bullet; Red Please let me know BEFORE bidding/ABing about a potential payment plan. I would like to speak about and accept/decline a plan before you can bid.
Plans are by first-come, first-served rules, so ask quick.
Bullet; Red If you do not have payment ready upon victory or disregard the above rule, the auction will either be granted to the second-highest bidder, or re-auctioned.
Bullet; Purple Editing comments is strictly prohibited! If you edit your comment, your bid will be disqualified as well as having your comment hidden. Simply reply to yourself if you wish to correct something.
Bullet; Purple Reply to my comment to start the bidding chain. Reply to the top bidder to continue the chain afterwards! If you AB, please reply to both my comment and top bidder!
Bullet; Purple Once adopted, you will receive a picture of your adopt without the watermark and with it.

Set the SB up to be the price I'd be willing to sell them for at minimum. I apologize bc I know it's high but I also know I have no issues keeping this particular CCCat;;; ;v; I'm sorry guys.

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Fnn by GyraCief  must fan art UWU
bry2die's avatar
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Real’y pretty, but that's a lot of money for a digital character. At least they cost lest than primagens, who sells usually around 2k o.o
Seijakuun's avatar
Primagen come as an art package though, cccats do not :heart:
so you get your money’s worth in extra art. Besides they have a start bid of 50 so no need to complain ;0
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Well, to have one you either have to be incredibly lucky, or just really rich :(
Seijakuun's avatar
Closed species are a luxury item not a necessity :heart: 
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this is cute and fits all of my wants tbh  oof money tho hopefully the next few times i come back i have something
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I really *breathes in* REALLYYY love how you posted both with and without the satchel You know I love that god damn bag.

I prefer the baggy one better :)

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*slams hands down* Where is my money when I need it!?! I need to shove some savings away specifically for a CCCAT because... *deep breathes* This boy is a heart throb! AAHHH!!!
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ari i love this so much skdjhfsd its SO good
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Ahhhhh I want ;u;
-turns up empty pockets and crys-
Sucks to be poor
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but i'm broke as hacc so hope thay go to a good home ;w;
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what a huge dreamie
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gooosh what a sweet bab omg!! I love the info of them, and im a sucker for water things, and i LOVE HOW THE CROWN IS A COMPASS OMG. <3 good luck to those who are bidding!
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Dead ass crying over this right now
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WellHidden's avatar
goatlet's avatar
i lowkey want you to keep them and make them a mascot for the group or like an npc or something
like they could be the one to deliver messages in the group aka journals, comments, etc. with a lil speech bubble next to them 
gaaah this is the cutest cccat their colors are gorgeous!!
WellHidden's avatar
But I'd rather they go to a good home considering I have Bro and Blush to do all my dirty work for CCCat mascots LMAO
Fakejunker's avatar
i love them so much aa,, hope they go to a good home 
Frostywolf345's avatar
Beautiful bab, I hope the delivery boi gets a good home! <3
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gosh I love those big wings so much *o* The delivery service idea is too cute x3
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