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{ADOPT} Specific Emotions [CLOSED]



HEWWOOOOOOO In contrast to the recent batch done by agreeablefrog with CCCats and Nautipods, I did one batch with the other two CS of Skire! Crooks and Gravents <3

Each one of these were inspired by weirdly specific scenarios,,, Just for randomly wild themes.
Whispers is "When you're walking on the night sands of a beach alone, doesn't the water sound like it's trying to say something?"
Crown is "The feeling of stalking a bird of prey for a good pic is oddly terrifying once it turns to look at you"
Potion is "When you stay up and get way too involved in making potions till 4AM but can't stop bc you're on a roll"
and Friendly is "Holding onto a stuffed animal late at night as you watch a star descend from the sky, excited to see if your wish comes true"
I sorta went a lil ham not paying attention to traits as long as it gave me the vibe I was looking for visually, so some are a little erratic!

EITHER WAY I hope you enjoy them!


Advised to be a member of the group: :iconcccats:! + Have an account on our Skire.Club website!

Star!Payment plans are currently not being accepted! Apologies! Holds are available after 24 hours have passed on the submission time and can be held for a total of 3 days max!Star!

If you claim you must pay within 6-12 hours of receiving your invoice 

These species are CLOSED.
That means you may not make one on your own.
If you want to purchase one, you will not get species rights, but you will certainly get character rights!
That means:
- You can change the colors, patterns, markings, designs, whatever! BUT -- Please make sure to get any changes confirmed by the group!
- You may give the character your own personal story and name.
- You're welcome to give it a gender! ( Or not! Doesn't matter)
- Maim it, chop off its arms, legs, ears, whatever. 
- You can re-sell it to people for the price you got it, or lower! (NEVER higher!) {If you commission art of the character, you may sell it only adding to the price you paid for the art and the character combined. You may not consider gift art able to raise its price}
- You are allowed to give it a human/anthro form! {Currently cannon notes: 
* CCCats: Human form has only one eye and it is also removable from the cranium via mouth. When the eye is in, the eye can move between both empty sockets as there is no brain.
* Crooks: Retain their face patch and eye clusters even in a human form.}

* Reminder, Crooks do NOT need to have their tendrils (tentacles) out if undesired. They are displayed here for you to know what they look like!

But you may NOT:
- Claim the species as yours
- Remake the character so it no longer looks like the species - Unless given permission and approval of its differences from the species!
- Resell it for a higher price. (Lower or same price is fine - you can up the price if you pay for commissions but you must show proof of that)


To claim, you MUST state a number or the designs name.
Please also provide your Skire.Club username either in the comment or in a note to me when requesting paypal email!
Only you and one other may attempt to claim an adopt for the same person/yourself. You may only claim one adopt per batch until 24 hours have passed since upload, in which case you may claim multiple afterwards.


Bullet; Blue 1 Crook "Whispers from the Shore" 
> Shape-Tipped Tendrils -- Uncommon
> Flat Tendrils -- Uncommon
> Rest is common!



Bullet; Orange 2 Crook "Crown of Feathers"
> Wing Ears (Small) -- Myth
> Scale Growth -- Rare
> Feather Growth -- Rare
> Solid Eyes -- Rare
> Quills/Whiskers -- Uncommon
> Short Tail -- Uncommon
> Rest is common!



:bulletpink: 3 Gravent "Potion Crafter"
> Skeletal Vent Wings -- Rare
> Shaped Vent (Complex) -- Rare
> Horns/Spikes -- Rare
> Quill Feather -- Uncommon
> Rest is common!



:bulletred: 4 Gravent "A Friendly Wish"
> Floating Vent Wing Piece -- Rare
> Metallic Markings - Uncommon
> Rest is common!

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I'd like to claim Potion crafter please!