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Hi!! Before noting me, please note the following!

My Toyhouse username is Monster! You can choose to credit me as creator if I made the design, but if another artist made it please be sure to mark them as creator/designer proper!!

- Note with your question, please don't note me just asking if you can ask a question ;v;!

DeviantArt DMs bug out for me ALL THE TIME please do not message me through dA DMs!! Notes only or through Discord only, please!

- MYOs are only sold around October/Halloween or through the CCCat discord via a queued sign up!

- If you are having any Skire.Club site issues such as login errors, issues with email or username changes, etc. to please message PalletEclipse through note or Discord, or MuzzyDeath through Discord!

- I do trades for Skire MYOs or Customs for characters of interest, however I will not take any if my custom queue is filled! Otherwise, I do not currently do art trades or custom characters for me for MYOs.
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I'm WellHidden! You can call me Kid or Kuiper if you'd like. <3

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😊These Cccats are so beautiful! I wish I can make one for one of my stories😍

I’m only now hearing about cccats and wondering what i can do to get one as if it be trading, giving art I currently don’t have a job so I can’t buy one but they are adorable and one day hoping to get one (I heard about them on tiktok and people are making them not caring about the closed species due to how much they are but I don’t wanna be like them and make one disrespecting the creator)

Hello! I was wondering how do I get permission to own a cc cat?

Your art my friend, its just stunning!

is there any way to get my hands on a MYO? (if you got my message in chat disregard this but i genuinely think that my chat is broken bc it keeps eating them)

Do you have a actual file for the 3d model?