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by Pontus WellgrafWellgraphic

Explore it online now!…

- 12.000px presentation
- Motion graphic video
- UI KIT PSD and more!

Enjoy this massively, Feel free to drop a comment,
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by Pontus WellgrafWellgraphic

Explore it online now!…

- 21.000px presentation
- Motion graphic video
- UI KIT PSD and more!

Enjoy this massively, Feel free to drop a comment,
hit Like and Share it to spread the word!


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Hope you are enjoying the new project, there's far more to see!

- Visit full project & presentation
- Download wallpapers
- Watch progress video


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Thanks a lot for this year 2013 & I wish you all the best for 2014!


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I wish you all a very very wonderful Christmas and Holiday!
Take care of each other, I appreciate you all!

Pontus / Wellgraphic

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The preparations has been massive with loads of work

but finally it's ready to go live, Christmas Calendar 2013!

It's going to be a busy December month
filled with daily loads of creative goodies!

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Concept based on the knowledge that we often are underestimating
animals role & abilities. This is something we need to respect and
also when it comes to riding a motorcycle and it’s furious amount
of power right under you. Magestic black running horse combined
with a rapid fast motorcycle, that’s about it, true horsepower.

Enjoy, Share and Love!

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After a long time of waiting and massive hard work it's up!
I'd appreciate your feedback very much and I would be glad to get it shared!

Check it out live


Thank you!

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After a long time of waiting I finally got invited by a dear friend
to become a player in the Dribbble community, really excited!
Follow me for some high resolution beauty!

Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

Just want to say thank you to everyone who have appreciated,
liked, comment, shared and read this work and the story.

Please share it, let the message reach out to all of those who have a difficult time in life, they need this.
Thank you so much, it's truly appreciated


FOLDED DOVE by wellgraphic

Thank you for taking a part of this and the time for reading.



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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Lovely it is!

ZIIIRO Celeste Mono Black

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your beloved,
take care and have a wonderful time

:santa: :xmas: Thank you for everything :xmas: :santa:

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Here is a very special giveaway today, BIG surprise!

Created by me and 100% Safe!

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It's finally here, free and great stuff to everyone
in the spirit of christmas - Christmas Calendar 2012!

Let's not waste too much text here,
the illustration speaks for what is going to happen now and a while forward!

Share this to your friends and beloved and enjoy it,
Of course, Everyone is welcome to take part!

Join here Enter | Christmas Calender 2012


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Finally, what I have been waiting for and fought for, I now got the job as Graphic Webdesigner for a big company in Sweden + 7 more countries.
So glad, so happy and so excited to start on monday

Besides this I work really hard with my identity and name, Wellgraphic
I will release a Christmas Calendar where I open gift boxes with great and useful resources and stuff in general.
Posting one new gift/box per day 1-25 december

Hope you all will enjoy it!
Have a great day/evening, thanks for being around me
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It's really exciting to be the very first who is
giving out a PSD-file on this that was announced yesterday.

You can read about the new iPad Mini at

Hope you all enjoy it, many thanks!

Apple iPad Mini PSD by wellgraphic



Steve Jobs died a year ago today
and apple made a video celebrating its
former CEO and posted it to Apple's website.

Let's thank him for what he did,
have a look at the video at
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Watch how it goes from blank document to finish artwork + High close-up details!

HD and full-screen is recommended, Hope you will enjoy watch this!

Enjoy, Share and Love…

Birdplane Airline by wellgraphic